Tinder goes to the dogs with adopt-a-puppy profiles

Image: Dog on Tinder
This dog is trying to find a foster home via Tinder.Today

What’s a little puppy love among strangers? A New York animal-rescue organization is turning to the popular dating app Tinder to try to hook up dogs that need homes with humans that fall for adorable puppy eyes. Users who swipe right to one of the pooch profiles will get messages from the nonprofit that rescued the dog, with information on volunteering and adoption. Those not interested in long-term commitments can opt to take dogs for a walk or foster them for a few weeks.

The canine companions are under the care of Social Tees Animal Rescue, a Manhattan-based nonprofit that has rescued over 3,000 animals. Interns at the Bartle Bogle Hegarty advertising agency partnered with Social Tees to create the pet profiles. There are no plans to expand the puppy project beyond New York, development manager Samantha Brody said in an email to NBC News.



The team didn’t collaborate with Tinder on the dog-rescue profiles. “I have no idea how Tinder would react but I would hope they would appreciate the creativity attempt to draw more attention to animal rescue, which saves more lives,” Brody said in an email. Tinder did not respond to a request for comment.

It’s not the first time that social-media apps have tried to connect needy pets with humans. BarkBuddy, an iPhone app that showcases local dogs for adoptions, went live in May.

Online retailer Overstock.com also lists a pet finder feature, including options for horses and reptiles among others.