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Video asks men to identify beauty tools and the answers are ridiculous

Their guesses will make you laugh!
A college student challenged her male friends to identify a few unusual looking beauty and self-care products.
A college student challenged her male friends to identify a few unusual looking beauty and self-care products.kennedyy.millss/TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

Whether you're a beauty minimalist or you scoop up every new gadget on the market, odds are you have at least one product in your medicine cabinet that would cause a man in your life to scratch his head in confusion. You know the ones we're talking about: Those beauty tools that look like they belong in outer space or those self-care items that seem a bit terrifying at first.

Seeing men react to the bizarre products in a beauty stash is a pretty entertaining experience and one that TikTok user Kennedy Mills captured on camera for the entire world to enjoy.

Mills, a 20-year-old junior at Liberty University, decided to quiz a few of her male friends after seeing a series of similar videos on TikTok.

"When deciding which items to quiz the boys on, my best friend, Randi Kate, and I were thinking of things that were common enough that they should know them, but maybe that had interesting shapes or uses," Mills told TODAY Style.

In the first video, 22-year-old Josh VanderLugt is shown a series of beauty and personal care items and his reactions are pretty hilarious. After seeing a photo of a Beautyblender makeup sponge, the college senior initially thinks it might be lip balm before guessing that it's some type of sponge.

Up next? A diffuser, which VanderLugt finds pretty puzzling. "That looks really weird. I have no idea, I'm assuming that's for your teeth," he says.

The most confusing item VanderLugt comes across is a DivaCup, which he initially calls a condom. "I have no idea what that is, I've never seen that in my entire life. What is the thing on the tip?" he says in amazement.

Flower petal shoe cushions remind the 22-year-old of note cards. And he ventures to guess that face cream is a candle.

Mills also quizzed her friend Cody Evans, a 20-year-old junior at Liberty University, and he ended up guessing correctly on two out of the five items.

Evans thought the Beautyblender looked like a "pink lemon" but he was spot on with the diffuser, guessing that it was something you use with a blow dryer to curl your hair, and he also correctly identified the facial moisturizer.

Evans said the flower petals shoe cushions reminded him of a carpet, cup holders or some kind of craft before saying, "I don't know, that's some girl thing."

His reaction to the DivaCup was also pretty priceless: "It's like what you suck the turkey juice or like the grease juices out of the bottom of the pan."

Watching the videos back provided endless entertainment for Mills and her group of friends.

"Josh and Cody's reactions were hilarious to us. It was so entertaining to watch them try their best to identify the items when they honestly had no idea what they were looking at. We quickly realized how little boys really know about the process of a girl getting ready in the morning and the items used in beauty. We had thought that they would know more of the products than they did," Mills said.

VanderLugt is surprised that his video has gone viral so quickly and said he has a new appreciation for women's beauty routines.

"Honestly, I just thought it was a video that they weren't going to show people so I was being silly and not thinking anything of it originally. I was completely caught off guard that I didn't know any of the items but I guess now that I look back I actually still don't know what they are," he said. "I'd definitely say that I have gained more respect for women's routines. They do more behind the scenes than we realize!"