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Things that make you go hmmm: 'Beer' for dogs, wine perfume and more

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares her latest roundup of "outside the box" items.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares her latest roundup of "outside the box" items.

Romantic ideas
With the novel "50 Shades of Grey" sky-rocketing in popularity, there's been an increased interest in all things romantically-racy. For those inspired to turn up the heat in their own love lives, is there to "break the boredom." Every six weeks they'll send a package of "R-Rated" goodies to your door, leaving you no reason to not get busy ($49.99-$64.99, ).

Another new-fangled idea? Buump's Relationship Status bracelets let others know if you're on or off the market, displaying fun phrases like "It's Complicated," "In a Relationship" or "Looking for: Whatever I can Get" ($9.99, ). And if the throngs of passion have you eager to "mark your territory," you can try giving your significant other a Handz Off bracelet. The quirky accessories warn "Handz Off My Husband," or "Handz off My Girlfriend," and can't be removed without scissors; they claim to be the perfect way to help your other half behave while away on "business trips," bachelor/bachelorette weekends and more ($3.90, ).

On the sweeter side of things, artist Natalie Irish has puckered up and developed a new way to make art. Donning bold lipstick, Irish carefully kisses canvases, turning them into beautiful and iconic images ($35-$150, ).
Alcohol-inspired items
While alcohol may be nothing new on Kathie Lee and Hoda's fourth hour, these are a few unusual items on the market that may make even the biggest cocktail connoisseurs go "hmm..." First up, perfumes from Kelly and Jones which contain notes of chardonnary, riesling, merlot and more. Beyond their scent, the fragrances are said to enhance your vino experience by blending harmoniously with wines' aromas ($20-$84, ). Before you take a first sip, however, you may be interested to know about the Bytox Hangover Patch, which claims to help you avoid the dreaded day after. Simply stick the vitamin-enriched patch onto your skin 45 minutes before consuming an alcoholic beverage, and remove it 8 hours after your last drink ($14.99, ).

Next, I bring you Bowser Beer! Yes, you can crack open a cold one for Fido and Fifi. Dogs can quench their thirst with this non-alcoholic ale, which contains B vitamins and comes in chicken and beef flavors ($19.99, )!

The anatomical trend
From the catwalk to the sidewalk, high-end retailers to indie sellers, there's an unusual "inside out" trend that's en vogue. The human body in visceral form has been serving as inspiration for designers everywhere. On, you can find faux blood-splattered heels and clutches, 's  necklaces, and tees adorned with anatomical renderings of the human heart, a far cry from the dainty pendants, lockets, and charms of the more common traditional heart symbol ($20-$45, ).

If you're not quite ready to bare organs, you can still get in on the trend with funky muscle printed leggings from Black Milk Clothing or quirky ear earrings, which create the illusion of a small second ear growing on your lobe (Muscles and Bones Leggings $76, ; Ear and Mouth Jewelry $24-$48, ). And the fun isn't just for fashionistas; foodies can cook with salt made from real human tears.  Each jar from Monster Supplies indicates what kind of tear the salt was extracted from; choose amongst tears from chopping onions, tears from laughter, tears from sadness, and more for a hair-raising twist at your next dinner party ($47, ).

Last but not least, a hilarious take on the trend aims to do good. Neck Knockers Boob Scarves will surely garner a few glances from strangers, but they also help to raise awareness about breast cancer, with a portion of proceeds going to cancer research ($30,).