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These men tried wearing heels for one day — and failed miserably

Not only does this YouTube clip involve men attempting to wear heels for a day, they also all happen to have adorable British accents.
/ Source: TODAY

Don't try this at home, guys.

And as for you, girls, file this under "things you never knew you needed to see." Not only does this YouTube clip involve men attempting to wear heels for a day and failing miserably, they also all happen to have adorable British accents.

I don't know about you, but this reporter's feeling pretty smug right about now (we told you they hurt, boys). Also, in love. Just a little.

Our first fearless heel-wearer is shown carrying his morning coffee down a flight of stairs. Daring, much?

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"This is easy," he begins, wobbling a bit in his stilettos. "I don't know why everyone complains about them. This is fine."

Of course, that's not the end of this scene: "F--," he curses as he reaches the end of the stairs and topples to one side.

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Women of the world: 1; these guys: 0.

Next, because the men in the video seem to live in a world where stairs are numerous, omnipresent and a lot steeper than usual, two more of them are shown making their way down — you guessed it — a flight of stairs.

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"That's actually quite scary," one remarks.

Yeah. YEAH. You hear that? This is what we go through on a daily basis, guys.

The video stunt comes amid more sobering news about women having to wear heels in the workplace. Earlier this month, a waitress in Canada posted an image of her bloody feet after working a long shift in heels. And in the U.K., temp worker Nicola Thorp sparked a national debate after being sent home without pay after refusing to wear heels in the office.

But as for this lighthearted video, even us ladies have to hand it to the guys who tried the experiment. I mean, we usually just walk around our office hallways and then totter onto the subway and back home. Meanwhile, they're being treated to all sorts of obstacle courses. There's even a field of grass, leading us to believe that whoever made this video is a masochist. Cobblestones are next, and after that — well, why not?! — our last heel-wearing hero runs (RUNS!) past a few lanes of high-speed traffic.

Oy. When all's said and done, we're just glad they made it out of this challenge in one piece.