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These grandmas show there's no age-limit for flower girls at Connecticut wedding

Who said you have to be young to be a flower girl?
/ Source: TODAY

Who said you have to be young to be a flower girl?

Rachel and Patrick Givens decided to change up the rules and asked both of their grandmothers, Renee Ruben and Joanne C. Reich, to be flower girls in their wedding on Aug. 8 in Middletown, Connecticut.

"We're both really close with our grandmas, so we wanted to give them their chance to shine," Rachel Givens told

Courtesy of Allan Zepeda

When they first brought it up, they were both surprised because they've never heard of an idea like this before, but once the bride and groom explained what they had in mind, they were nothing but enthusiastic and couldn't wait for the wedding.

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When it finally came time to walk down the aisle, they couldn't get enough of throwing the petals.

Courtesy of Allan Zepeda

"There was a lot of flair in their petal throwing," Givens said. "I could hear everyone going crazy with applause while I was waiting in the back."

When they reached the alter, they threw up the petals one last time. Even though their moment to shine was over, they didn't let that stop them from dancing all night and enjoying the night together.

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Ever since meeting for the first time at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, they've been attached at the hip — and on some occasions, literally.

Courtesy of Allan Zepeda

When lining up to rehearse walking down the aisle, they immediately linked arms and didn't want to let go. Givens also spotted them having coffee in a corner and getting to know each other.

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"We knew they'd be fast friends because they have very similar personalities," Givens said.

The newlyweds can't wait to watch their grandmas' petal-throwing skills in their wedding video when it's finished.

Courtesy of Allan Zepeda