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These Chinese Olympic uniforms have people seeing red (and 'fried egg' yellow)

/ Source: TODAY

China unveiled its official Olympic delegation look for the 2016 summer games in Rio this week, and the ensembles aren't exactly winning any medals with the public.


It's not the matching white pants and skirts that are a problem for critics. It's not the retro hospitality-industry styling. Even the multi-colored kerchiefs and ties seem to be OK.

The problem for the people of China? Those bold blazers.

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Like most countries — including the U.S. — China chose to wrap up its team in the colors of their country's flag. But instead of seeing a patriotic palette of crimson and gold, according to People's Daily China, folks are railing against what's been dubbed "fried eggs and tomato."

Yes, the buzz has been all about the breakfast colors — or maybe it's more of a ketchup-and-mustard look, depending on your food-comparison tastes. But it's an interesting point to consider a problem because, again, the colors are from the country's flag.


It would be like criticizing Team U.S.A. for going with a strawberry, whipped cream and blueberry combo — aka the old red, white and blue — for our outfits. (Which, by the way, sounds delicious!)

Olympians Ryan Lochte, Haley Anderson and Jordan Burroughs pose in the official Team USA closing ceremony uniforms.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

As for designer, Ye Chaoying, he just wants the Chinese athletes in Rio to find them appetizing.

"We hope our athletes will feel like wearing our national flag when they step into the stadium at the opening ceremony," he said when debuting the uniforms.

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