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/ Source: TODAY
By Donna Freydkin

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La La Anthony and Kim Kardashian are longtime BFFs, as evidenced by numerous Instagram posts.

Turns out, the two moms trade beauty tips and have similar tastes in skin care as well.

"Of course, we talk all the time. I’ll call and say my skin is really dry or ask about getting a great facial. It’s good to have a friend in the know. You can talk about the coolest, latest things," said Anthony.

Both are big fans of Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes, which retail for $9 at Amazon.

"I cannot live without them. I have them in my purse. I go to CVS to buy them. When I run out of those, I’m a psycho," said Anthony.

(They're also sold at Walmart. And here are other great ones to try).

Anthony defines beauty as "loving yourself from the inside out. Having that confidence and self esteem. You can wear a garbage bag and look good. Your swag is different."

She exudes an easy confidence in the fifth season of the Starz series "Power," now streaming, and her character, LaKeisha Grant, is the loyal, ride-or-die best friend everyone needs.

In real life, Anthony's favorite feature is her smile, and to that end, her other go-to product isn't much of a surprise.

Carmex Original Flavor Moisturizing Lip Balm Tube Value Pack, $8, Amazon

"I’m the girl who always has Carmex with my bag. No one likes to go around with chapped lips," she said.

(You can also score the popular lip balm at Walmart.)

As for Kardashian, does she hook Anthony up with her KKW makeup line? We would assume so.

"Of course, of course — I have it all, my house is a KKW warehouse," said Anthony. "It’s dope to see her growing her empire. She’s creating great products."

Speaking of homes, Anthony is savvy about how she spends her cash. Her first big splurge wasn't a purse or a pair of shoes.

"I bought my first house in LA — it wasn’t anything over the top — it felt like such a big accomplishment. I still have it now. It’s been a great investment. It’s doubled in value," she said.

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