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By Megan Foster

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Draining work days, unpleasant grocery store encounters and slow moving traffic all have something in common — they have a way of putting a 180-degree spin on an otherwise good day.

Instead of letting an annoying mishap ruin your mood, you can stock up on some of these graphic tees that are sure to have you grinning ear-to-ear.

We rounded up a list of some of our favorite uplifting shirts to add to your closet — and they’re all under $30 each. So, whether you’re looking for a new workout tank, a lounging tee or something to wear to a vibrant birthday party, you’ll find a cheerful choice that will turn your frown upside down in no time.

Good Vibes Tank

Say goodbye to bad vibes with this cotton-blended tee. With over 1,100 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, this comfy addition is sure to make you smile.

What Makes You Happy Tee

What makes you happy? If you're at a loss for an answer, this shirt is here to help. You'll be more than happy once you feel the soft material of this casual tee.

You Are My Sunshine Shirt

This popular Etsy shirt is loved by many for its subtle vintage look. The style is also available in toddler and youth sizes for a look that the whole family will enjoy.

Kindness Is Free Tee

This far-too-adorable tee comes in four colors and is made from 100% quality cotton. Though it has an easygoing silhouette, the heavyweight composition should help it stand the test of time.

Be Kind T-Shirt

The Be Kind shirt has a casual and airy look with a sweet message. Pair it with some denim capris or a khaki skirt for a perfect warm-weather look.

Happy Camper Tank Top

Whether you're a nature person or more of a city gal, you'll be the happiest of campers in this bright, graphic tank.

Love More Love Shirt

Catch a glimpse of the '70s with this vintage-inspired tee. The fitted style provides limitless opportunities to dress up this classic addition, or pair it with some sweatpants for a movie marathon.

Today Is A Good Day Shirt

It's difficult to have a good day when nothing works out in your favor. This tee is a great reminder to keep your head up when you hit a rough patch in your week.

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