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This NFL team president is retiring, but his facial hair will live on forever

Tennessee Titans executive Steve Underwood is retiring, but his facial hair is in its prime.
Image: Steve Underwood
Tennessee Titans president Steve Underwood, who is now known to non-football fans as The Guy With That Hair Mask on His Face. Wilfredo Lee / AP
/ Source: TODAY

Upon the retirement of Tennessee Titans president Steve Underwood on Friday, the internet immediately voted his facial hair into the Hall of Fame.

It wasn't his achievements as an NFL executive that had Underwood trending on Friday, but the majestic mouth bangs that had people doing a double-take while wondering if there are actual lips buried in there somewhere.

Underwood appears to have modeled his style on the Lorax from Dr. Seuss.

The Lorax, style icon? Universal Pictures

Some saw it as a smart way to avoid the inconvenience of wearing a face mask while out in public during the coronavirus pandemic. You could just grow one.

His hair oval also has a bit of a football theme in that it looks like a mouthpiece with a lip guard on it.

While Titans fans expressed their gratitude to an executive of a team that was one win from reaching the Super Bowl last season, everyone else just wondered how food makes it through that hair wall in order for Underwood to sustain life.

It immediately required a search for video proof that there is a space between that Bane mask of hair.

Underwood's mouth goatee (moutee?) now takes its rightful place alongside the "G" beard sported by Oakland A's pitcher Mike Fiers last year as great achievements in sports facial hair of the 21st Century.

We can only hope Underwood's hair is not also retiring, because it still clearly in its prime.

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