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The skin care product Taraji P. Henson's been using for 20 years

She doesn't worry about getting older.
/ Source: TODAY

Of all the things that Taraji P. Henson stresses about, getting older isn't one of them.

"I honestly don’t even think about age. it’s inevitable," the actress, 48, told TODAY. "I just live and keep doing the things I always do."

She's certainly busy; she just started the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation to open up dialogue about mental health in the African-American community. And she's got the comedy "What Men Want" out in February.

"I love myself. I laugh. I hang around good people. I digest good food and good energy. I take a lot of naps. I owe a lot of it good genes. My grandmother is 95 and drives herself to get her hair and nails done," said Henson.

Ok, but she does get a little help when she can.

"I’ve been using Paul Scerri Moisturizing Day Cream for 20 years. I found this cream at a spa. I order it from Amazon. I don’t know if that has a secret unicorn powder in it," said Henson. "That’s my only thing that I’ve been using the longest."

Paul Scerri Moisturizing Day Cream, $40, Amazon

"Every set I’m on, I have them order it for me so I’m always stocked up. I’ve tried every expensive cream and this is the one that works," Henson continued.

Henson's favorite brand also makes a night cream, for locking in moisture while you sleep.

Paul Scerri Osmovital Night Cream, $66, Amazon

With two decades of gorgeous skin to back it up, we're officially sold!

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