Tara Lipinski is engaged! Learn how it happened — and see the stunning ring

Congratulations are in order for Tara Lipinski! The former figure skating champ, actress and Olympic commentator has a new title: fiancée!

Lipinski's partner, Fox Sports producer Todd Kapostasy, popped the question Monday night and she said yes!

"My life changed forever last night," she told her followers on Instagram Tuesday. "I feel so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend and love of my life. I've had many monumental happy days in my life but this by far is my happiest. I love you @toddkap."

Her new diamond ring sparkles in the photo that accompanied the message.

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And that's not all she shared! Lipinski even told the sweet story of how Kapostasy proposed.

"Todd knows I love holiday window displays so after a beautiful dinner and on our way for a drink @theplazahotel he said there was window there he thought I'd like to see....he somehow convinced the hotel to let him take one of their displays over and this painting of him proposing to me in front of my home in California was inside," she wrote. "By the time I turned to him he was on one knee....this is one surprise and Christmas that I will never forget."

Of course, that was just part of the story. Kapostasy's version of how it all happened started much earlier.

"[Seven] months ago I was fortunate enough to be presented with a Sports Emmy award. Of the 45+ Emmys given out that night, @taralipinski happened to hand me mine," he explained in a caption alongside another engagement photo. "I didn't think much of it — aside from the fact she that she looked great in her blue dress. The next day I discovered that my aunt had become friends with Tara while covering the Olympics a few years back. It took a little convincing, but @cjansing eventually agreed to introduce us. I'd imagine there are a thousand things that had to happen to get us on that stage together back in May. Crazy how life works."

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But what about the other man Lipinski's life — her Olympic (and more) co-commentator and pal Johnny Weir? He had something to say about the good news, too.

"Congratulations to my partner in crime @taralipinski and her partner in crime @toddkap on their engagement!" he wrote, resposting one of the photos of the happy couple. "Wishing you both so much joy, understanding, patience and unbridled passion!"

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