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Tap into the latest trends with the style hot list

From posh polish to creative cocktails, TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas shares the latest buzz on what’s new and what’s cool.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

From the water cooler at work to the hallways of Hollywood, everyone is talking about these hot new trends. Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of The Buzz for “In Touch Weekly,” helps you stay in-the-know:

Royal beauty: From black to blue ...
Dark nails are a sign of fall, and OPI’s Russian Navy (a beautiful deep-indigo/dark-purple blue) is this season's “it” color, replacing last fall's gothic-chic look inspired by Chanel’s Black Satin ($7.50; Russian Navy is flying off the shelves and being reordered in mass quantities on a weekly basis. A beauty-supply chain in Manhattan sold more than 2,600 bottles in one weekend!

Overall, regal colors reign this fall, with many cutting-edge collections putting forth deep berries and rich reds in addition to royal purples and blues. Jessica Cosmetics even anointed a new Royal Jewels line in honor of the trend, featuring six polish shades ranging from Windsor Castle to Blushing Princess ($6.50;

Infused spirits: Vodka variations and blooming beverages …
Often the drink of choice for trendy taste buds, bubbly is taking a backseat to vodka this fall as an influx of interesting alcohol brands is gaining attention. Nuvo, the world's first sparkling liqueur, is a pink drink in a perfume-like bottle geared specifically toward women ($20-$30; Van Gogh features more than 19 flavored vodkas such as double espresso, pomegranate and banana, and can be served straight or mixed (, while Herb’s Vodka is infused with dill, cilantro, rosemary or fennel ($28.99; And if you’re looking to literally brighten up your beverage, try floating a wild hibiscus flower in your drink. These edible enigmas are stored in syrup and bloom when watered with sparkling wine ($11; 

Home fragrance: Aromatic alternatives to candles …
From chic oil sculptures to potpourri “rocks” and even USB plug-ins for your computer, scents for the home are now available in an array of options. Hollywood is literally hot over DayNa Decker’s Luminesse Sculptures ($300-$640; But if you want to forgo playing with fire altogether, L’Artisan’s scented amber balls and new Chez Moi diffuser are decorative alternatives ($75-$500;, as are the potpourri rocks from India Hicks ($30; and Slatkin & Co. ($32; 

Tech types will love Scented USB drives, which stick right into your computer, and can essentially alleviate smelly offices or even airplanes ($30-$35;! And for those who are old-fashioned but fashion something special, Gold ’N Dulcinea’s lace, leather, silk and cashmere sachets are too gorgeous to keep in a drawer ($130-$300;, while Voluspa’s room sprays are safe for the body or the home ($14-$48;! 

Studs, sequins and stones: Glam rock grows up …Rock gets reinvented this season with styles that are sophisticated and sleek. Fitted black dresses, lots of leather, glitz and glitter and edgy accents take over the fashion stage to make up the “cool” clothing of the moment. This trend may seem risky to some, but by wearing sequins in dark colors, or allowing the embellishments on your clothing to replace major jewelry, this look can be quite chic! While Burberry brought the trend center-stage, many other contemporary collections also offer the look, such as Reiss, French Connection, DKNY and Alice and Olivia.

What you saw on TODAY:I.N.C. jewel-trim trapeze tank $50.06,
High-waisted pant $79.50,
Jersey cardo wrap $166,
Mazzo pump $39.99,
Sequence plum dress, $228,