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Tamron Hall, Take anchors shed makeup after Alicia Keys' performance

Tamron Hall, Al Roker and Billy Bush took off their makeup during an interview with Alicia Keys.
/ Source: TODAY

Naturally, Tamron Hall looks just as lovely without makeup!

Tamron removed her makeup while on the air Friday, inspired by a visit from Alicia Keys, the Grammy award-winning singer who has made headlines for going au naturel during public appearances.

"I love the message. I love the idea," Tamron said as she started rubbing makeup remover wipes over her face, with some assistance from Keys.

Tamron also got her co-anchors, Al Roker and Billy Bush, to join in the act. The two men wiped off their set makeup, but Tamron pointed out, "for some reason, it's not even!"

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Keys famously began going makeup free shortly before she released her most recent album, “In Common.” After a live TODAY Plaza performance Friday, Keys sat with Tamron, Billy and Al on The Take and let them know she's not against getting dolled up occasionally.

“Look, I love makeup, too. It’s all good. It’s about how you feel. It’s about who you are," she explained. "It's about just being who you are and not letting anybody tell you who you should be. The other thing, it's kind of crazy, even this conversation, it kind of shows our obsession of the standard we hold of women, the standard of beauty."

Tamron agreed. During a commercial break she pointed out that "we're not recruiting people" to join the makeup-free campaign, she just wants to show people a different side to women.

“It’s really about how you feel and about your life, and I think it’s important. Since I spend five days a week made up, people know that that it’s not my crutch,” she said, then clarifying: “My earrings are my crutch. I can’t live without my earrings. But it’s everybody’s lane. It’s everyone’s lane that you choose, whether it’s natural hair, makeup free — it’s your lane.”

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Alicia Keys with Tamron Hall on the TODAY show, September 1st 2016.Nathan R. Congleton / TODAY

Keys insisted she's just "being myself" when she goes sans makeup. But Billy pointed out another benefit: Getting an extra 30 minutes every morning to do other things.

Keys agreed.

"To sleep," she said.