Tamron Hall gasps at the sight of an old school photo – but we love it

No anchor (or hairdo) is safe on Throwback Thursday.

Earlier this week, Tamron stumbled across a photo posted on Twitter by actress Kate Walsh, sporting what Walsh called an "unfortunate hair choice."



Willie, Natalie, Tamron and Al all agreed Walsh's photo wasn't so bad, but it did inspire them to take a look back at some of their own throwback looks.


"You look a little like Diana Ross," Al noticed.

"People used to tell me that!" Tamron said of her retro doppleganger. 

But when the conversation shifted to the fashion choices in her throwback photo, her co-anchors weren't quite as complimentary.

"(The tie and vest) was hot back then in whatever year that was," Tamron said.

"It was never hot," Willie retorted..


"Since 1986, she hasn't moved," Willie joked. "That's how I talk about my head of hair — it's like a great ship."


"That was back in my days as a flutist," Natalie explained. "The worst of it is the teeth. The teeth were terrible."


Al was sporting the mutton chops, or as Tamron calls them, "pork chops."

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