Tame to trendy! How to tie a button-down shirt into a skirt

A crisp button-down is certainly a wardrobe staple, but let's face it: It wouldn't hurt to make it a bit more dynamic and interesting!

You've probably tucked it into a pencil skirt and styled it in a front knot with denim, but we're excited to share new ways to button, tie and style your simple-seeming shirt to turn it into something unique, trendy and oozing with street cred.

We all have a simple button-down hidden somewhere in our closets. By simply changing the placement and using a few styling tricks, that same old will look like an entirely different item — a skirt!

Step 1:

Anna De Souza

Place the collar of the shirt around the smallest part of your waist and button at the first place the two sides meet. continue buttoning down until you reach a length with which you feel comfortable (feel free to leave a few buttons open at the bottom to create a small slit!).

Step 2:

Anna De Souza

Loop sleeves together as if you’re tying your shoes, but wait before you tie the second loop that would create a knot!

Step 3:

Anna De Souza

Flip one sleeve into a loop and feed the other sleeve straight through the knot. This will create a half bow.

Step 4:

Anna De Souza

Roll the shirt into itself along the waist, taking care to ensure the collar tucks out of view along the waistband. And voila! This trendy look is perfect for a summer fiesta — without buying a brand new skirt. Get ready for the compliments!

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Credit: Boden The Boy Fit Shirt, $88.50, model’s own top.