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The 'Ta-Ta Towel' might be as funny as it is useful

Who knew this silly boob sling could bring relief to breastfeeding mothers and cancer patients?
/ Source: TODAY

Say hello to the Ta-Ta Towel — womankind's new weapon in the war on boob sweat.

Boob sweat, for the uninitiated, is a real problem for well-endowed women. Stained shirts, discomfort and even rashes can mar those otherwise blissful hours of letting the girls hang free in the summer. It's a cruel trick of the universe ... and we don't have to take it anymore.

No shoes, no shirt, no sweat!
No shoes, no shirt, no sweat!Courtesy of Zlata PR

The idea was born in Summer 2015, when creator Erin Robertson was sweating buckets while prepping for a date in her air conditioning-free Los Angeles apartment. "I tried everything (to contain the boob sweat)," she told TODAY Style. "I tucked a T-shirt under my boobs; I put on baby powder ... When I got there, I was staring at the guy, and all I could think was, 'Boob sweat: How do I fix this?'"

Robertson came home that night, cut out a paper pattern and stitched together a prototype. When it seemed to work, she started handing them out to friends of different sizes to try.

Two years and one patent later, Robertson debuted the Ta-Ta Towel in sizes C-H at a local women's expo before launching online. They're now sold out, with dozens of pre-orders piling in daily.

Robertson admits that the towel sounds — and looks — a little silly. But that doesn't mean it's not useful. In fact, it's revealed itself to have purposes far beyond blow drying.

Breastfeeding women love it for night nursing, since the soft cotton lining feels good on sore nipples, Robertson said. While women undergoing radiation treatments (and dealing with the sensitive skin that comes with it) appreciate having a comfy sling to wear around the house. Robertson got an email this week from a doctor who is recommending it to patients with diabetes, who often deal with yeast infections under their breasts.

Kathie Lee and Hoda were introduced to the invention on TODAY Monday, and while they had a good laugh, they seemed to come down firmly on the side of "I want that!" (And they're in luck: Robertson expects them to be restocked soon, with new colors, to boot.)

What do you think? Is the towel a ta-ta-rific idea?

Or would wearing one of these mean saying "ta-ta" to your dignity?

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