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Sushi nail art is a thing and it's making us hungry

Maki? Nigiri? Sashimi? These sushi manicures come in all your favorite forms and flavors.
/ Source: TODAY

Who wants a sushi-cure?

No, that's not a Jedi mind trick to help you stop spending your whole paycheck on takeout. (If only!) But it can help you get your Japanese food fix — if only on your fingertips — in the form of a sushi manicure.

A sushi-cure.

Have you ever attempted to read the entire sushi menu and panicked? Maki? Nigiri? Sashimi? How can one possibly choose?!

Well, the sushi-cure comes in all your favorite forms and flavors. And it's a veritable feast for the eyes.

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First up: French-manicure-style maki roll nails, like these from YouTube nail artist Mattania Morris.

Now that's what we call a hot tip.

Or maybe you're more of a sashimi fan? Hikari Kawachi has you covered.

For something a little less literal, YouTube blogger RoxyRocks created this adorable, kawaii-style nigiri manicure:

And if you're not quite ready to commit, you can go for a dainty accent nail.

But wait! There's more!

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Not the artistic type? How about a decal option? These Personail nail wraps will set you back $15.

Or, if you're really lucky, you can get someone like the talented folks at Clara H. Nails in Melbourne to DIY you a 3-D set.

Just don't try to take a bite out of them. Then you'll really need a sushi cure.

On the bright side, no sodium bloat!