Survey says women change hairstyles 150 times: Why do you change yours?

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By Lilit Marcus

The average woman changes her hairstyle about 150 times in her lifetime, according to a survey organized by Britain-based hair salon chain Toni & Guy.

The survey, according to U.K. newspaper The Express, found that these changes — including cut, color or shape — are usually connected to major life events like birthdays or breakups, but they can also be influenced by a celebrity: Remember “The Rachel” mania?

According to the survey of 2,000 women, the biggest reason that women change up their look is simply “because I was tired of it,” with 64 percent of respondents claiming boredom was reason #1 for seeking a new style. 13 percent of women reportedly said that they changed their hair after having a baby, while another 15 percent said that a wedding — theirs or someone else’s — was the inspiration to try out a new look.

And women who change up their look seem to be seeking out help in the process. The average woman visits a salon five times a year, and some of the survey respondents said that they have changed their hair color a whopping 100 times over fifty years.

Whew! Looks like hairdressing is a pretty solid career option. Tell us: Why do you change your hairstyle?