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Frank Sinatra, giant bubbles, and dancing: Yep, this proposal rivals the movies

One dancer popped the question to his equally talented girlfriend in a pretty extraordinary way — and it's going viral.
/ Source: TODAY
A perfect summer day in the park. The sweet sounds of Frank Sinatra (and Alabama Shakes, too). A delightful pas de deux. And giant bubbles. Lots of them.
What could possibly make a girl happier, except, maybe, her soul mate getting down on one knee to profess his lifelong love and whisk her away as his future bride?
YouTube / Angelo Soriano

Before she said "yes" to wedded life, Amanda Phillips agreed to a different sort of proposal. Her boyfriend and former classmate, Joshua Dela Cruz, had asked her to help him make a professional dance demo reel. And according to the caption posted beneath the below video on YouTube, this wasn't the first time he'd asked her the very same thing: "Five years ago Amanda and Josh got together to film a dance reel. They never finished it, instead they started dating."

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With the help of choreographer Donald Jones Jr. and videographer Angelo Soriano, they were finally able to film the reel with a few minor...changes. Check it out, and keep some tissues on hand.

We can only hope they recreate this on their wedding day in full attire.

Congrats, Amanda and Joshua!