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Surgically-enhanced beauty crowned 'Miss Plastic Hungary'

Celebrating both beauty and medical prowess, the "Miss Plastic Hungary" pageant gives the oft-maligned concept of surgical enhancement a makeover.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Artificial enhancement is a major no-no in the sports world, but for one very peculiar type of beauty pageant, it's downright mandatory.

Twenty-two cosmetically-altered gals strutted their stuff at the second annual "Miss Plastic Hungary" beauty pageant in Budapest Nov. 26, with Alexandra Kocsis taking the crown for her pair of perky pals.

Judges were wowed by the exacting work Kocsis's doctor put into her boob job, putting the 24-year-old student over the top in besting the pack of nose- jobbed, face-lifted and buttocks-implanted beauties.

Afterwards, Kocsis crowed to the Metro UK newspaper that judges told her "my boobs and my operation were the most natural beauties of the show."

While the Miss Plastic contest plays out pretty much the same as your standard beauty pageant, it's clearly a contest with a little something extra. The contestants, who ranged in age from 19 to 38, had to not only be surgically enhanced, but had to produce medical records to prove it. The women were judged on their beauty by a layman panel, and also by a medical panel who rated the prowess of the doctors who performed the work on them.

Pageant organizers say the Miss Plastic contest is a celebration of the medical work that allows women to look and feel their best aesthetically, and for Kocsis, it was a dream come true.

"I was very keen on sport when I was young that I never had enough fat on my body for a really great big pair of breasts," she told Metro UK. "So I asked my doctor to give nature a helping hand and his work turned out to be gorgeous."

And for Kocsis, her ride of artificial fame may not be over: she's scheduled to compete in the international Miss Plastic Universe pageant in January.