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Kids laces always untied? This trick will make sure the knot stays put

We found a fool-proof way that debuts a lacing method that's doubly coaxed into place with a little help from a surprising item you already have at home.
/ Source: TODAY

No one is exempt from shoelaces coming undone. Kids are the most common victims, but grown-ups aren't immune either. And, of course, it only happens at the least opportune moment: When you're carrying two grocery bags, shouldering a purse, rolling luggage and wielding a dog leash at the same time ... not that I know from experience.

So, here at TODAY Style, we found a foolproof way to tie shoes that will really last. The lacing method is known as a "surgeon's knot" and it stays in place with a little help from a surprising item you have at home: lip balm.

Ever see those fancy waxed-leather laces? The ones that are typically paired with boat shoes? That's what we're going for here. Coating the strings with Chapstick or lip balm at the site of the knot creates friction and keeps laces from budging.

What you'll need:

  • Shoes with laces
  • Lip balm
This new way to tie your laces will keep them secure all day once and for all.Anna De Souza

What you'll do:

1. Begin lacing as you normally would by folding the left lace over and through the right and pulling toward the foot.

2. For extra hold, especially for pesky round laces that easily come undone, create your own version of wax laces. Coat that starting lace with lip balm.

Create waxy laces by adding a little lip balm.Anna De Souza

3. Create a loop and pull lace through as you normally would — but don't tighten yet!

4. Loop the same side around a second time for security.

5. Pull both loops to tighten knot.

Pretty genius, right? Save your sanity with this trick that we should have been doing all along!