Supermodel Coco Rocha: You won't catch me wearing sweatpants in public

Coco Rocha starred in photographer Jamie Beck's "cinemagraphs," moving pictures.

By Rina Raphael

Supermodel Coco Rocha first stole the fashion industry’s finicky hearts when she performed a complicated Irish jig on the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier fall 2007 show. Since then, she’s become known as a refreshingly open, down-to-earth model: She regularly posts her musings (and complaints about the fashion industry) on her popular Tumblr, devotes her time to charities, and even voluntarily posted her envy-inducing wedding video on the Internet. But that still doesn’t mean you’ll ever catch her in sweatpants.

We caught up with the Canadian beauty at the Lucky FABB conference to see what she had planned for New York Fashion Week.

You’re known as a model with a strong personality, in part due to your pursuits outside of the fashion industry. Are there any other models out there right now who you feel show a strong, unique presence? How important do you think that it is?

I think of our “supers” like Cindy Crawford, who knew how to make modeling into a business for life. She’s the perfect example of how to continue as a model — like a guidebook of “what you must do.” If you want to succeed, follow her!

Your wedding video was so gorgeous and intimate. What made you decide to share it with the world?

My husband James is the one who got me to do it. Every other celebrity usually hides [their wedding footage] away — they think that’s the norm. But we love each other! Why should we hide such a special day?!

You recently posted a quote by designer Karl Lagerfeld on your Tumblr: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.” Do you agree? Surely you must have some comfy loungewear.

Of course! I wear sweatpants… but not out [laughs]. I just thought it was such an amazing quote. There should be a Karl Lagerfeld quote-book. There are amazing quotes coming out of that man.

What style fall trends you’re excited for? Do models even get excited for fall trends?

Not really! We’re already way ahead — we’re going into spring/summer now! We’ve worn it all so much that there’s no more hype about the clothes. I’m now hyped about spring/summer coming up. Although, I do like when it’s transitional, going from summer to fall. I can get my boots back on and layer it up!

What will New York Fashion Week be like for you?

It’s a few shows here and there — and its way more enjoyable that way. [My husband] James came to Milan Fashion Week with me this last time and I was telling him how horrible Milan can be — but it was actually quite awesome that time. It’s about just letting loose, relaxing and going to several shows with people you enjoy working with.

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