5 melt-proof makeup tricks to beat the heat (to a pulp)

Getty Images / Today
Melt-proof makeup

Celebrity makeup artist and Vanitymark cosmetics founder Brett Freedman shares his strategies for melt-proofing makeup before a heat wave hits.

SKIP THE SOAP and switch to a non-drying cleanser as a summer-beauty starting point. Harsher products “speed up oil to 'normalize' the skin's surface,” explains Freedman, who recommends Neutrogena's classic amber face wash instead. “Use something cleansing, but not stripping.”

GO DIY ON YOUR FOUNDATION “Add a drop of aloe” to your makeup, Brett suggests, and whip up your own tinted moisturizer. “The new formula you’ve created will thin out and adds just a tint of color and enough coverage, perfect for the summer.”

GIVE YOUR LIPSTICK A TIME-OUT “A lip stain works best in warmer weather,” Freedman says who likes Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm. “You can still apply your favorite shimmery lip gloss over, but once it wears off, you’ll still have a tint of color.”

GET WET AND MILD “Go lighter on your lids by sweeping on your favorite shimmer shadow with a damp brush,” he says. “Wetting the shadow will change its consistency to a cream for a nice glaze that just stains the eye but will last longer than a powder.”

BLOT SHINE FROM YOUR RECORD No blotting papers in your purse? “I try to find the cheapest, papery-ish tissue to have on hand to absorb shine,” says Freedman, who explains that the lotions in more expensive tissues can actually add to shine. As far as technique goes, “a good tip is to remember to 'blot, don't wipe' sweat and oil,” he says, explaining, “This keeps things more in place.”

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.