This summer, don't just look good, smell good

The scent of a woman is a powerful force. While a spritz of perfume can often perk up your senses, there are a number of other ways to submerge your body in an alluring aroma. Whether you want to layer your locks with a little bit of scent, or carefully perfume all major pressure points, it’s possible to treat your nose to a variety of fresh and flirty notes. Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor and author of the Buzz for In Touch Weekly, helps you find the aromatic answer you’ve been looking for!

Mane-stream mists
Your hair may be at its best for unfussy beach waves a day or two after washing, but by then the scent of your shampoo will surely have faded.  Luckily, a new category in haircare, known as hair fragrance, allows for lovely-smelling locks at any time. Pure Petal was founded under this very idea, and offers four different scents for you to choose from ($43;, while Clean Shampoo’s Fresh Hair Fragrance ($39; and Aqualina’s Pink Sugar Hair Perfume ($15; provide a sweet smell for your tresses.

Brand name loyalists will be pleased to hear that famous fragrances like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid ($80; and Theirry Mugler’s Angel ($35; are now available in sprays for your strands.

Feel-fresh fragrance
Why not help your body battle hot, sunny days with an antiperspirant that also smells pretty?  Donna Karan’s cult-favorite Cashmere scent ($18; and Acqua di Parma’s popular Iris Nobile ($37; are both available in deodorant form, while Fresh includes an antiperspirant as part of its beloved Sugar collection. ($18;

Natural brands Lavinila and Weleda also feature products that are designed to keep you dry.  Lavinala’s Healthy Deodorant comes in four roll-on fragrances ($18;, while Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant is available as a floral-smelling spray. ($15;

Portable perfumes
Aside from traditional sprays and lotions, fragrance companies are coming out with perfumes in a variety of innovative forms. Solid perfumes are perhaps the smallest of all the travel-ready scents, and designers are finding fashionable ways to conceal what you’re carrying. Space NK’s Laughter comes in a purse-friendly silver compact ($45;, while Bath & Body Works’ Butterfly Flower sits inside a cute keychain case ($19.50;, and Marc Jacobs’ Daisy is especially easy to access since it’s nestled inside a necklace! ($35;

Roll-ons are readily available in many different scents, but Sula’s Pulse Point Perfumes come in a small package of 6 for ultimate portability and blendability ($36; sulabeaut In addition, Lisa Hoffman’s Variations Fragrances feature four different vials of pulse point oils, each specifically meant to be worn during a certain part of the day. ($95;

Finally, Clinique has launched a limited-edition collection called Happy-To-Go, which includes three thick Perfume Pencils so you can paint your perfect mood (and scent) right onto your skin! ($30; sephora)

Summer's hot list
A slew of fresh fragrances are new to the scene, but a few brands hit it right on the nose.  Essence is Narcisco Rodriguez’s follow-up fragrance to his well-known For Her, and judging by sales at Saks — where it’s exclusively available — this new scent is destined to do just as well ($100; Meanwhile, Gucci’s Flora fragrance seems to sum up all the attention that florals are getting in fashion, and capture it in a sophisticated scent. ($38-90;

The updated version of CHANEL’s most famous fragrance is now available in the form of No. 5 Eau Premiere, a modern spin on the classic scent that is meant to be more of an everyday spray ($125;  Finally, the Gap has just launched its first-ever fragrance with Close, a citrus scent that screams of summer ($8.50 – $35; Gap stores). Happy sniffing!