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Shoppers on TikTok are turning to Costco for clothes in latest trend

The wholesale retailer has become a surprising fashion destination.

Costco: your one-stop shop for bulk toilet paper, condiment multipacks and … designer clothing?

The wholesale retailer isn’t exactly known for its high-end fashion finds, but for some shoppers, Costco is becoming a go-to destination for stylish deals. 

Costco has turned into an unexpected fashion destination.
Costco has turned into an unexpected fashion destination.Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

As part of a new TikTok trend, people are showing off the brand-name bargains they’ve scored at Costco, including items from Puma, Hunter and Eddie Bauer, and even couture labels like Givenchy and Valentino.

Jennifer Maldonado, who runs the TikTok account Costco Couture, regularly shares her latest Costco finds with her more than 20,000 followers. 

Two of her recent discoveries? A Tommy Hilfiger quilted jacket for $29.99 and a two-pack of Calvin Klein logo joggers for $19.99.

Maldonado says it takes some dedication to find Costco’s hidden gems. 

“You just have to take the time and look,” she told NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren. “I’ll go to a Costco a week. Sometimes I’ll leave empty handed. So it’s just a matter of, you know, day and time and what they have in stock.”

Plenty of other TikTok influencers are showing off deals they’ve snagged at Costco, including Ashley Bell, who gushed over a pale pink Fila sweatshirt she found at the wholesale store for $13.

While these brand-name steals are certainly appealing, experts note that the designer items you find at Costco may vary in quality.

“A lot of the merchandise that you do get at the stores is kind of at an outlet level, kind of the selection,” said Refinery29 fashion writer Frances Solá-Santiago. 

Maldonado also acknowledges that finding brand-name items at Costco is not like buying them directly from the designer label.

“You’re not on Rodeo Drive,” she said. “Be very realistic — we’re at Costco.”

She recommends checking the quality of items by touching the fabric seams and zippers.

Finding quality designer deals at Costco may require some digging, but for Maldonado and many others, it’s well worth the effort.

“There’s nothing better than finding a good deal … buying it, wearing it, and then getting a compliment from it,” she said. “And who doesn’t want a $1.50 hotdog after a long day of shopping?”