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Stunning Ambush Makeover transformation gets a hilarious reaction: 'Wow-wee!'

/ Source: TODAY

Two ladies went from blonde to bombshell on Ambush Makeover today!

The two lucky women were plucked from the TODAY Plaza Thursday morning and given the makeover they've always dreamed of. Ambush-style, of course!

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First up was Patti Callen, 60, of Slinger, Wisconsin. Joining her was her companion, Billy Bob, who brought her to New York for her 60th birthday. Callen said she came to the Big Apple specifically to be on Ambush Makeover. Well, how lucky is that?

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Callen has a son, Anthony, and three grandchildren. She's a certified nursing assistant, which she went back to school for at the age of 58. After two years working at a nursing home, she can safely say she's "found her calling."

Billy Bob's reaction to her new look? "Wow-wee!" he shrieked with delight, clapping his hands. And Callen's own reaction almost topped his: "Oh!" she yelled before beginning to cry. "Oh my gosh."

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Next up: Laurie Edwards, 54, of Macungie, Pennsylvania. She's retired, and arrived with her sister Lisa to New York to make a trip "all about making memories," since the two haven't seen each other in four years.

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"I'm so excited for her," Lisa gushed to Jill Martin before the big reveal, and after seeing her sister's new look, she promptly burst into tears.