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From 'treggings' to shoes with changeable straps, these are the must-buy items in 2017

Lifestyle expert Chassie Post is back with Stuff We Love: New Year's Edition. And guess what? There's a lot to love in 2017!
/ Source: TODAY

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

Happy New Year! We’re back with this month’s Stuff We Love: New Year Edition and guess what? There's a LOT to love in 2017!

I had a blast on the show this morning chatting about things that are hot, cool and things that are making us drool for 2017 and wanted to share our picks here, along with a few extras.

1. Recently Custom Magazine, starting at $9.99, GetRecently


Have you ever wanted to star in your very own magazine? With Recently you can!

This “mobile to magazine” app takes all of those pics that are sitting in your iPhone and instantly creates a gorgeous custom magazine, printed on high quality paper.

You can choose a monthly, quarterly or one-time plan. It also makes a fantastic gift!

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2. Little Patterns Color-In Art Print, starting at $25, Little Patterns

Little Prints

Meditative crafts are a big trend for 2017 and we are loving artist Maggie Sichter’s color-in art prints.

That’s right, just color-in her gorgeous prints and then proudly display them on your wall. She can even create custom and personalized designs.

3. Color Plus Lamp in Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery, $99, Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus

Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, is a fresh and vibrant green that makes a statement not only in fashion but also in home decor!

This jaunty and vibrant green hue will brighten any room. Look for accessories like this classic lamp to inject the color of the moment into your home.

4. Crock-Pot Smart Phone Connected Slow Cooker, $130, Zola


It’s all about the Smart Home in 2017. And better yet, a smart dinner!

And that’s just what you get when you pair my fave 70's cooking staple, the crock pot (which is having a HUGE resurgence now that stews and one-pot cooking are such big trends) with some 2017-style technology.

Control your Slow Cooker from work, the ball game or even from the gym using the WeMo App. You can “set it and forget it” or set it and adjust the temperature or set it and turn it off all from your phone!

Your home isn't the only thing getting smart this year — fashion is also getting pretty brainy.

5. Motiv Ring, $199, Motiv


Enter the newly launched Motiv ring, a wearable device that tracks your heart rate, activity and sleep. Or as Motiv likes to say, its “motivation wrapped around your finger.”

Designed for both men and women to wear 24/7, our fave thing about this sleek ring is that it is waterproof, so no need to take it off when you shower, swim or wash the dishes!

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6. Skinny Shirt, starting at $68, Skinny Shirt

Skinny Shirt

Layering is a HUGE trend for 2017, but avoiding the bulk that often comes with it can be a task.

Thankfully my friend the Skinny Shirt is ON it! Part shapewear and part shirt, the Skinny Shirt is working hard underneath our sweaters so that we can layer until our heart’s content.

Plus, they’ve got many styles for many moods.

7. Treggings, $34.99 H&M


Did someone say “TREGGING”?

And would that happen to stand for trouser + legging?

And does that mean that I can now wear Athleisure to the office?

2017 just got so good.

8. Birdies Slippers, $140, Birdies Slippers

Birdies Slippers

2017 is the year of the indoor shoe and we have two “Momtrepreneurs” to thank for that!

Theses stylish mamas wanted slippers that were as chic as the shoes they wor outside. So, they created their own!

“Birdies” are a reinvention of the slipper with as much support and style as your regular shoes, but super-soft and comfy for spending time at home.

Plus, they’ve been spied on a celeb or two like Megan Markle, Emmy Rossum and Jillian Harris.

9. Hear Fuse Wireless Earbuds, $69, Hear Fuse


Who needs wires to get in your way when you want to rock out to your fave tunes? This year make way for the wireless earbud, which discreetly takes care of this problem.

Whether working out or doing errands, these tiny earbuds deliver fabulous sound and even let you take calls.

Two options we love: Hearfuse, offering great value and quality; and Monster’s new super-chic addition to the AirLink collection, Elements.

10. Monster AirLink Elements Wireless Earbuds, Monster Products, coming soon in April


And talk about glam, AirLink Elements are inspired by gems (think diamonds!) and look like fancy earrings. Coming soon in April!

11. Zupa Noma, starting at $42, Drink Zupa


2016 was all about farm to table. 2017 brings us “farm to bottle.”

Zupa’s chilled “soup-on-the-go” offers an alternative to juice as an easy, utterly organic way to sip your veggies.

Order online for nutrition shipped straight to your doorstep.

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12. Felix Gray Eyewear, $95, Felix Gray

Felix Gray

Finally, relief for screen weary eyes!

Felix Grey is a eyewear company that makes non-prescription glasses designed to protect your eyes from digital strain by filtering blue light.

As an added bonus, they are really really really good looking!

13. Shoe Chic, $17.99, H. Butler

H. Butler

New Year, new shoe! Get more mileage and a whole new look from last year’s shoes with these clever add-on accessories.

From studded ankle straps to leopard lace ups, these detachable upgrades unlock your shoe’s hidden potential.