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/ Source: TODAY
By Jordan Muto

Still mourning the end of "Mad Men?" You're not alone. Week after week, season after season, fans tuned into the hit television show for the exciting plot, unfolding drama ... and, of course, style and decor inspiration.


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But there is some good news now that the show's run has come to a close. Some set pieces, costumes and props could be yours through an upcoming online auction.

Bidding for Don Draper's blue and black checkered Brooks Brothers suit starts at $150.ScreenBid / ScreenBid
Bidding for Sally's retro yellow chair from her room at Don's house starts at $75.ScreenBid / ScreenBid

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Bidding for Betty's blue suitcases starts at $50.ScreenBid / ScreenBid
Bidding for Joan's vintage rocking horse starts at $50.ScreenBid / ScreenBid

Starting on Friday, July 31 at 12 p.m. PST, ScreenBid will be hosting an online auction for "Mad Men" memorabilia. The lowest starting bid for items starts at $25 with the most expensive item, being Don Drapers 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, starting at a cool $1,500.

Bidding Joan's leopard pumps starts at $50.ScreenBid / ScreenBid
Bidding for Betty's robin blue retro handbag starts at $100.ScreenBid / ScreenBid

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Bidding for Joan's rotary black office telephone starts at $75.
Bidding for Peggy's floral felt suitcase that has a TWA luggage ticket starts at $50.ScreenBid / ScreenBid
Bidding for these sunglasses worn by Betty starts $100.ScreenBid / ScreenBid

There's everything from Betty's slippers to Joan's office decorations and even Don and Roger's suits. The only catch: There are no women's clothes, only accessories. The auction is slated to go until August 7.

Bidding for Roger's double breasted navy Brooks Brother suit and monogrammed white dress shirt starts at $150.ScreenBid / ScreenBid
Bidding for Joan's glass bar cart starts at $125.ScreenBid / ScreenBid
Bidding for the Sterling Cooper and Partners Eviction Letter starts at $100.ScreenBid / ScreenBid

Want to scout it out early so you know how to strategically bid? Pictures of the 1,385 items are posted along with starting prices on We're predicting lots of bidding wars!

Bidding for Don Draper's 1965 Cadillac Coupe Deville starts at $1,500.ScreenBid / ScreenBid

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