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'Still confident' bride-to-be fights body-shamers in the best way

/ Source: TODAY

Bride-to-be Mzznaki Tetteh and Kojo Amoah weren't looking to start a firestorm when they posted a few sweet engagement photos on Instagram.

Actually, Amoah wasn't involved at all ... Tetteh posted the photos all to her own account, with innocuous captions like: "He's always got my back," "My shield" and "It's my time".

All of a sudden, social media trolls began leaving ruthlessly insensitive comments on the posts.

Tetteh's career as a nurse was lambasted, her husband's likelihood to cheat was laughed about and the size difference between the two lovers became a cruel joke. And the language used in the comments (blunt words like "fat") were just as vicious as their content.

But the fashionable bride-to-be was unfazed.

"Still confident... Your rubbish comments ain't ruining my happiness," she captioned another Instagram photo of herself, posted after the initial comments rolled in. "Thanks to all for the compliments and best honored."

And Amoah had his own positive comments to share. "To me, I have always been a fan of plus-size women, and I am so proud of my woman and I don't care about what anybody says out there," he told GhanaWeb.

And now, Tetteh's Instagram is overrun in a different way; not with cruel, body-shaming comments, but kind, supportive ones.

Who's laughing now, trolls?

She's earned well over 10,000 followers and has posted several photos addressing the self-love she's been feeling since her account first grabbed attention.

The couple will be married June 25, and we hope their marriage remains as confident and supportive as they've been these past few days!