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Step into a footwear fantasy

Whether you're wearing the cute mary-janes at work or  rockin' the sexy pumps on a great date, TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas has the scoop on how you can  put your best foot forward this fall.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

From Dorothy and the Wicked Witch’s catfight over the ruby slippers to Carrie Bradshaw’s $40,000 shopping spree in “Sex and the City” to Imelda Marcos’ legendary shoe collection, the female gender’s obsession with footwear has been well documented. But who can blame a lady for wanting to treat her feet? After all, shoes are the punctuation point at the end of your fashion statement! But more than that, shoes are reliable. When your favorite jeans are too tight, and your boyfriend has moved out, the one thing you still know for sure is that your shoes are going to fit. Bobbie Thomas, Today Style editor and author of the “Buzz” for “In Touch Weekly,” provides the perfect eye candy (and some practical pairs, too!) for women who love shoes.

Work wear We spend the majority of our day at the office, so why not dress for success? While there’s rarely time to put your feet up on your desk and relax, your shoes are still an essential part of your work wardrobe. Luckily, these fantastic fall trends will work from 9 to 5.

  • Heavy heels: Think Mary Tyler Moore when selecting a pair of professional pumps this fall! Solid block heels have a modern-retro feel that will not only help to “ground” your office attire, but offer a higher level of support.
  • Cap toes: Add some polish to your toes! Shoes are a great way to inject a dash of detail and some personality into your work look, and this small section of contrast will warrant a second glance.

What you saw on TODAY:
Baffi navy pump: $489;
Hellenna pump: $139;

Oxfords for her: A stylish alternative to the loafer pump, the masculine classic has reached new heights with a little feminine support. This season's “it” sh-bootie is giving not just the fashion-forward crowd but women everywhere a literal “lift” with wedges, platforms and even stilettos.

What you saw on TODAY:
Enzo Angiolini “Pearl”: $93.50;
Brown spectator pump: $89;
Reilly oxford pump: $89.95;
Miss Sixty oxford pump: $185; (212)-575-0315 for stores

Fancy flats
Dress up your casual comfort shoe! Ballet slippers have been hot for the past few years, and now every type of flat is going glam. Function meets fashion with hardware accents, embossed textures and sheen.

What you saw on TODAY:
Calvin Klein “Alynda”: $90; Sam Edelman “Carmen”: $98.95;
Made by Elves: $68;
N.Y.L.A “Rackle”: $59.99;

Design details
Think outside the shoebox, and experiment with styles that are playful, colorful and slightly unusual. These modern accents will instantly update your look.

  • Almond toes: A basic black pump with a semi-rounded front is the style staple of the season. While you will find everything from square to round toes available, this in-between shape will be your go-to shoe.
  • Modern mary-janes: As Dr. Seuss might say, “Let's all clap this season for one strap, two straps, three straps!” The girlish style has grown up this fall, evolving into a more womanly silhouette. With a sleek, streamlined makeover and, of course, those extra-sassy straps, this shoe will go well beyond the schoolyard.

What you saw on TODAY:
Encounter: $240;
Trixy plaid pump: $69;
Coco double-strap: $119;

  • Band wagon: Fashion-forward feet are getting wrapped up in thick elastic pieces! Wide bands with a slight stretch are not only stylish, they’re snug enough to secure those perfect pedis in place.
  • Color-block burst: Red, blue, purple, or pink ... can't decide? Well, you don't have to! A rainbow of multicolored shoes awaits you. Whether you’re wearing all black, or looking to mix things up, have fun with your feet and make a statement.

What you saw on TODAY:
Report Signature color-block pump: $175; Kaylee pump: $48.99;
Deidra patchwork pump: $268;

What you saw on TODAY: Chanel Paris “Monte Carlo”: $795; (800) 550-0005
Kendra suede pump:
Enzo Angiolini “Maylie” Degradé: $59.90;

  • Biker-chic: Edge meets elegance as sophisticated styles embrace accents like studs and chains. Rock ’n’ roll goes glam, and gets an attitude adjustment along the way in shoes that are wearable both on and off the stage.

What you saw on TODAY:
Jeffrey Campbell Burbs studded heel: $100;
UFO pump: $280;
Atlo black pump: $299; (617) 266-8699 or Zara black studded flats: $79;

  • Adorn-able: It's a snap! Transform any shoe in seconds with vintage-inspired shoe clips. Brooches, earrings and pendants all make for pretty decorations that will dress up your dancing shoes!

What you saw on TODAY:
Sitting Pretty LA shoe clips: $25-350; Shoe clips for all occasions: $15-45;