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Stay cool with hot summer scarves

Scarves are traditionally a winter item, but this summer, long, lightweight scarves are a must-have item. TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas tells you all you need to know about summer scarves.
/ Source: TODAY

Scarves are traditionally used to keep warm during the cold winter months. But this summer, long, lightweight scarves are a must-have item. From how to wear them to where to find them, Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of the Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, tells you all you need to know about summer scarves.

Why you’ll want one
Versatile and vibrant, an oversize scarf is virtually weightless, and will take up very little room in your purse. Although part of the allure is the chic, airy feel, a feather-light scarf can ward off the chill of air-conditioning, and even act as an extra layer of sunscreen. Beyond its functionality, this fashionable accent is available on any budget, and in every style imaginable. From organic fabrics to bold and graphic prints, adding a splash of personality to your ensemble is easier than ever before. This summer, you can leave the jewels behind, knowing that a pop of color or pretty pattern around your neck will draw attention to your face just like a necklace would for an easy, breezy summer look. 

How to wear it
There are countless ways to wear a summer scarf. Standard methods include wrapping it multiple times around your neck and tucking the edges under, folding it in half behind your head and looping the open ends through the hole near your collarbone, or simply swooping it around your neck and tossing one end over your shoulder. Some of Hollywood's trendsetters are tying the ends of square scarves together and wearing them in the style of a Western cowboy. Don't be afraid to experiment: twist, braid, knot two together, or try tying a last-minute halter top.

A few of Hollywood’s favorites
Celebrities like Cameron Diaz have been sporting simple Love Quotes scarves. Available in more than 50 colors, each scarf comes with an inspirational tag, with a portion of the proceeds going to children’s charities. ($85; like Jessica Alba adore the exotic and intricate geometric prints on Tolani’s summer scarves. Styles like the Zig-Zag, Honeycomb and Myst have a true global feel, and represent a colorful tribute to traditional cultures. ($74-$99;

Sienna Miller and Hilary Duff add a touch of casual texture to their look with Fluxus' ruffle scarves. With their feminine edge, these thin strips are the perfect accessory for all you thrill seekers out there. ($60; 323-231-8898)Thanks to Sir Alistair Rai, you can wrap yourself up in Love, Karma, Hope and Truth. These wraps feature Hindu and Buddhist prayers hand-painted by artisans in India, and have attracted some of Hollywood's biggest names. Fans like Drew Barrymore can either toss and go, or dress up in the oversize styles. ($128;