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Southwest Airlines rescues forgotten bridesmaid dress, saves the day

After a bridesmaid forgot her dress at home, Southwest Airlines saved the day by flying the dress to Costa Rica.
Southwest Airlines bridesmaid dress
After one woman forgot her bridesmaid dress at home, Southwest Airlines flew it to her just in time for the wedding ceremony.Southwest Airlines
/ Source: TODAY

When Grayleigh Oppermann arrived in Costa Rica for her sister's wedding on Feb. 28, she was excited to serve as a bridesmaid. But Oppermann's enthusiasm soon turned to dread when she realized she forgot to pack one very important item: her bridesmaid dress.

In the midst of preparing for her sister's big day, Oppermann mistakenly left her dress behind at an alteration shop in her home state of Texas. It had been a busy week for the 32-year-old mother of two, and one of her children had been sick with the flu.

When she realized her mistake, Oppermann started to panic. "This is my sister's wedding. I can't even imagine ... I was just sick to my stomach," she told TODAY Style.

Oppermann turned to her friends Rachel Turner and Taylor Kenney to see if they could ship her dress in time for the wedding. That was another dead end as FedEx told Turner the earliest they could get the dress to Costa Rica was Monday (after the wedding) due to customs. So she posted in a local Facebook group to see if anyone was traveling to Costa Rica and could somehow take the dress along.

When that didn't help, Kenney reached out to Southwest Airlines on Twitter in desperation after seeing they had a flight to Costa Rica the next morning.

"I figured, let's give it a shot," Kenney told TODAY.

Kenney's shot in the dark worked! Southwest soon replied to her tweet, writing, "Alright, let's do it!" The next morning, Turner met with a Southwest representative to drop off the dress.

Turner was pleasantly surprised that the airline took notice of the tweet and came through for her friend.

"I just never thought that this would come together like it did," Turner said. "Good things happen to good people and Grayleigh is one of the most selfless people I know. The fact that this all worked out the way it did, it speaks volumes."

The dress arrived safe and sound!
The dress arrived safe and sound!Southwest Airlines

After hearing her dress was officially on its way, Oppermann broke the news to her sister and reassured her the dress would arrive in time for her Saturday ceremony. In case she was skeptical, the bride was even able to track the journey of the dress, as the airline documented it on Twitter.

When the VIP cargo finally arrived, Oppermann was understandably relieved.

Suothwest Airlines dress
Finally, Oppermann was reunited with the dress.Southwest Airlines

And the beautiful bridesmaid was able to walk down the aisle in a gorgeous dress after all.

Southwest Airlines bridesmaid dress
Grayleigh Oppermann (left) poses with her sister the bride, ParxAnn Dunn (right), on Saturday.Jay Ellwanger

When asked why they stepped in to help, a representative for Southwest Airlines told TODAY it was a no-brainer: "We saw a call for help on Twitter @southwestair, and we knew we had to say yes to the dress! This bridesmaid story has a happy ending, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in making this special day a success. Cheers to the happy couple — and one relieved bridesmaid — from the LUV airline!"

After a whirlwind week and a beautiful wedding ceremony for her sister, Oppermann is feeling pretty grateful.

"Southwest really swept in and they made it all happen," she said. "Their crew was amazing."

And to make things even better, Southwest didn't charge Oppermann a dime.

"They saved our entire trip," she said. "I can't even begin to describe what they did for our family."