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Grabbing, typing, wiping, clapping ... your hands go through a lot on a daily basis. Yet somehow they usually end up last on our beauty "to dos." Even though we splurge hundreds on anti-aging face serums and new and improved heat protectants for our hair, it's easy to forget that our hands also show signs of aging — even more so than our faces.

With the help of our trusty Total Beauty reviewers, we rounded up the six hand creams that'll leave your hands feeling soft and looking young again.

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No. 6: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, $20,

Why: One reader says, "Unlike the more watery, liquid-like hand creams that disappear quickly, this product lasts on the skin and puts a thin film of protection against winter winds. My hand feels much smoother after just a few uses." Another reviewer adds, "I am really tough on my hands. I don't wear gloves when I do my domestic chores or yard work, but you would never know it. I use The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector all the time, and it not only protects my hands and nails, it keeps them looking nice and very well moisturized."

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No: 5: Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream, $5,

Why: Readers found this hand cream a budget-friendly miracle worker. One reviewer says, "This is cheap, effective, long lasting, and mild enough for sensitive skin. I can't encourage everyone enough to try it. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't instantly fall in love!" Another reader says, "Without this lotion, my hands look like they are 30 years older than the rest of me."

No. 4: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, $28,

Why: "This will be your last hand cream purchase. It provides amazing moisturization without being heavy or greasy. Your hands will stay soft, smell good, and feel comfortable especially during harsh winter months." Another reader agrees: "This hand cream instantly gives moisture that lasts and lasts. It's not greasy or heavy, but gives all the benefits of a cream. Your skin not only feels good, but also looks softer and younger."

No. 3: Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra Enriched Hand Crème, $5.49,

Why: Reviewers got long-lasting relief thanks to this hand cream. One explains, "I purchased this because the store was out of my typical hand cream from Neutrogena. I didn't think that it would be as good, but I was proved wrong. This hand cream was able to soften my hands AND keep them soft without reapplying at least once an hour like lesser lotions. It doesn't leave my hands greasy or slick and absorbs very well. I had to go back to the store and purchase more tubes to keep one in the car, my purse, the kitchen, etc." Another reader says, "I used to think hand creams could only give me temporary relief but not really heal. I tried this one because I like Eucerin products in general, and I was amazed that the relief was not temporary. My hands were better the day after. It really repairs your hands, not just make them softer."

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No. 2: Ahava Source Mineral Hand Cream, $23,

Why: "This is hands down the best hand cream I have ever used," one reader declares. "It has a nice light scent. If all you care about are smooth hands and not those heavy scented hand creams then give this a try, you won't regret it." Another adds: "Is baby soft skin possible? YES! Ahava works wonders on the skin! I've been in the Dead Sea and I know how soft it makes your skin ... and Ahava does the same exact thing! (It even saves you the expensive 12 hour-plane ride!) You'll never understand until you try it!" Another reviewer writes, "I love the Ahava products and this is one of the best!"

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No. 1: Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Hand Crème, $12.50,

Why: One reader raves, "This hand lotion is by far the best I have tried. The really astonishing part is how well it moisturizes and how amazing your hands will feel. They become so soft and smooth it really is the best hand cream I have ever tried." Other readers agree that, "This hand lotion not only works great but it can also curb your sweet tooth. A little goes a LONG way and I am always complimented on this wonderful lotion."

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