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The Style Squad Edit: 12 fashion and beauty trends to try this March

The TODAY Style Squad — Jill Martin, Bobbie Thomas and Lilliana Vazquez — select their favorite trends of the month.
/ Source: TODAY

From oversized earrings to shades that can capture and share your every moment, these are the coolest, most beautiful, and most style-savvy items you need to add to your shopping list.

The TODAY Style Squad — Jill Martin, Bobbie Thomas and Lilliana Vazquez — selected their favorite trends you're going to want to keep an eye on this March.

The fashion find

Jill's pick: '80s Glam

Shakira band Shirt
Getty Images

Glam-rock inspiration is all over the runways, but you don't need to shell out tons of cash to get the look yourself. Shop your own closet (or your mom's!) for old pieces that you can re-purpose to fit into the current trend. Band T-shirts and bomber jackets are also a great way to incorporate the aesthetic without wearing a full on '80s prom dress.

Bowie Band T-Shirt, $27, American Eagle Outfitters

Bowie Band T-Shirt
American Eagle Outfitters

Guns N' Roses T-Shirt, $27, American Eagle Outfitters

Guns N' Roses T-Shirt
American Eagle Outfitters

Metallica T-Shirt, $27, American Eagle Outfitters

Metallica T-Shirt
American Eagle Outfitters

The Doors T-Shirt, $27, American Eagle Outfitters

The Doors Shirt
American Eagle Outfitters

Rolling Stones T-Shirt, $27, American Eagle Outfitters

Rolling stones shirt
American Eagle Outfitters

Ramones T-Shirt, $27, American Eagle Outfitters

Ramones T-Shirt
American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Denim Jacket, $80, American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Denim Jacket
American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Raglan Bomber Jacket, $45, American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Raglan Bomber Jacket
American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Tiger Denim Jacket, $150, American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Tiger Denim Jacket
American Eagle Outfitters

Denim Bomber Jacket, $70, American Eagle Outfitters

Denim Bomber Jacket
American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Bomber Jacket, $40, American Eagle Outfitters

Embroidered Bomber Jacket,
American Eagle Outfitters

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Bobbie's pick: All-day robes

Bobbie Thomas Robe Wear

Robe-inspired clothing is another hot trend straight off the runway. Honestly, who wouldn't want to lounge in one all day? But unless you're Mariah Carey, wearing an actual robe every day might not be a great idea. Opt for a robe-style dress instead.

Wrap Waist Long Maxi Dress, $23, Amazon

Wrap Waist Long Maxi Dress

Cotton Print Robe, $36, Pearl River Mart

Cotton Print Robe
Pearl River Mart

Floral Print Kimona Robe, $68, Nordstrom

Floral Print Kimona Robe

Eloise Elderflower Midi Robe, $88, Anthropologie

Eloise Elderflower Midi Robe

Mikado Robe, $180, Natori

Mikado Robe

Watercolor Plaid Robe, $60, Anthropologie

Watercolor Plaid Robe

Printed Kimono, $129, Zara

Printed Kimono

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Lilliana's pick: Second-skin bra

Second Skin Bra

This fashion find might not on display, but you can absolutely wear it every day! This seamless shelf bra hugs your curves and disappears under clothes — what more could you ask for?

Second Skin V-neck Bra, $49, True&Co.

Second Skin V-neck Bra

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The beauty bar

Jill's pick: Slicked-back hair

Ashley Graham slicked back hair
Getty Images

This hairstyle is the perfect way to make it look like you tried without putting in a ton of effort. Ashley Graham sported the look on the red carpet and tons of celebrities have been seen embracing the sleek style.

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Bobbie's pick: Reverse smokey eyes

Hailee Steinfeld Oscars
Getty Images

We put so much effort into covering up any hint of dark circles under our eyes, but what if we embraced it instead? Turns out this edgy look is a great way to camouflage a rough night of sleep and still look like a rock star.

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Lilliana's pick: Winky Lux Flower Balm lip stain

Winky Lux Flower Balm
Winky Lux

This best-selling lip stain is so pretty in the tube, you might not even want to use it. But once you do, you'll see how smoothly the balm turns into a perfect shade based on your skin's pH level.

Flower Balm, $14, Winky Lux

Flower Balm
Winky Lux

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All in the details

Jill's pick: BauBax Travel Sweatshirt

BauBax Travel Sweatshirt

This hoodie is built to hold everything you could possibly need while traveling. It looks unassuming at first, but the sneaky sweatshirt contains a built-in neck pillow, built in eye mask, hand-warming pockets and a phone charger. Score!

BauBax Travel Sweatshirt, $149, Brookstone

BauBax Travel Sweatshirt

Bobbie's pick: Street slippers

leather slippers
leather slippersaniarenard / Shutterstock / aniarenard

Slip-on sneakers are the latest athleisure trend for both men and women. They're effortless, stylish and incredibly comfortable — how could you go wrong? If you want to dress up the trend, try out a pair of fur-trimmed mules. They're arugably the biggest trend of the season.

Leather Slipper Low-Top, $99, TI:ME

Leather Slipper Low-Top

Leather Sneakers, $89, Lulus

Leather Sneakers

Knotted Slip-On Sneaker, $90, Nordstrom

Knotted Slip-On Sneaker

Perforated Slide Sneaker, $100, Nordstrom

Perforated Slide Sneaker

Sneaker Slides, $80, Nine West

Sneaker Slides
Nine West

Carona Slide Sneaker, $90, Nordstrom

Carona Slide Sneaker

Rose Gold Faux Fur Mule Loafer, $22, Lulus

Rose Gold Faux Fur Mule Loafer

Faux Fur Lined Mule Loafer, $28, Boohoo

Faux Fur Lined Mule Loafer

Jill Loafer, $90, Steve Madden

Jill Loafer
Steve Madden

Buckle Black Leather Mule, $125, Lyst

Buckle Black Leather Mule

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Lilliana's pick: Ring-handle bags

Ring Bag Trend

This handbag has a classically ladylike structure, but the modern hardware makes for an elegant piece that adds interest and personality to any outfit.

Tapered Top Handle Bag, $48, Evine

Tapered Top Handle Bag

Light Gray Handbag, $31, Lulus

Light Gray Handbag

Ring Market Bag, $35, Target

Ring Market Bag

Crossbody Bucket Bag, $41, Kohl's

Crossbody Bucket Bag

Ring Large Bucket Bag, $62, Kohl's

Ring Large Bucket Bag

Metallic Handle Tote Bag, $60, Mango

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Wild card pick

Jill's pick: Oversized earrings

Rainbow Earrings

Oversized earrings have been trending for a few seasons now, but pairing this bold accessory with '80s glam style it turns the look up another two notches.

Full Circle Stem Earrings, $95, Ban.Do

Full Circle Stem Earrings

Shape Earrings, $60, Ban.Do

Shape Earrings

Pink Lips Earrings, $45, Ban.Do

Pink Lips Earrings

Rainbow Earrings, $60, Ban.Do

Rainbow Earrings

Pom Pom Earrings, $60, Ban.Do

Pom Pom Earrings

Oui Non Earrings, $35, Ban.Do

Oui Non Earrings

Let's Dance Earrings, $30, Ban.Do

Let's Dance Earrings

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Bobbie's pick: Wire nail art

Wire Nails

Nail artists are constantly inventing new trends and now, they're pushing their craft even further with 3-D nail art. The latest style involves creating intricate designs on the nail with very thin wire.

Lilliana's pick: Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles

This tech-savvy device is as fashionable as it is practical. The sunglasses from Snapchat allow you to record 10-second video clips that automatically update to the social media platform.

Coral Spectacles, $130, Spectacles

Coral Spectacles