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Simply Nailogical vlogger applies 116 coats of nail polish

Vlogger Cristine Rotenberg of the Youtube channel Simply Nailogical decided to paint her nails with 116 coats of nail polish in a viral video.
/ Source: TODAY

Will wonders never cease?

We're in an age of exploration and major advancements because of the wide range of technology and information at our disposal. The burning questions you've spent your life wondering can now be answered, like: What would 116 coats of nail polish look like?

One vlogger (trailblazer?) decided to take on the challenge and paint — this is an exact number — 116 coats of polish on her nails.

Cristine Rotenberg runs a popular YouTube channel, Simply Nailogical, where she gives viewers great tips on nail art.

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In a video that has received nearly 9 million views since it was published on June 5, Rotenberg applies 116 different polishes to her nails (a modest number considering the array of polishes seen behind her in the clip). The result is nothing short of fantastic. (Think bubble nails on steroids.) She affectionately calls her creation #PolishMountain.

"This would probably work a lot better if I had patience and let it fully dry before applying the next coat," Rotenberg says in the video. "But I don't have that, so... here we are."

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Rotenberg is so committed to her craft that after applying 40 coats, she realizes she has to start over to let the polish properly dry. If at first you don't succeed...

Her second attempt is full of more jokes, snack breaks, made-up songs and occasional visits from her cat. Rotenberg starts the massive undertaking at 9:47 a.m., but doesn't wrap up until 11:38 p.m. The finished product is a beautiful, colorful blob of polish that she almost immediately peels off.

Rotenberg even inspired others to try the wacky trend.

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Here's to conquering #PolishMountain!