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/ Source: TODAY
By Courtney Gisriel

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Her fantastical handbag designs can be found on the arm of kids and adults alike, but the road to success started years ago for Anne Harper.

As part of TODAY's ongoing "She Made It" series, contributor Jill Martin sat down with the OMG! Accessories CEO to hear about the path that led her to build a multi-million dollar handbag company.

"I was so eager to learn every aspect of this business that, I mean, I remember ... I looked to someone and I said, 'I'm gonna have a handbag company one day. You watch.' And everyone thought it was crazy and out of my mind," Harper told Martin.

After approaching investors, Harper started OMG! Accessories in 2009. Nine years later, OMG! Accessories is dominating the tween accessories market. Their trendy unicorn, sequined, faux-fur trimmed products are being sold in over 100 stores nation wide.

Here are just a few of the products the company makes — including anything from kids backpacks to suitcases.

Love Faux Fur Duffel Tote, $58, Nordstrom

This fuzzy duffel bag is adorned with the word "Love" in pink shimmery letters. It doesn't get more girly than that!

Mini Hologram Unicorn Backpack, $38, Nordstrom

A silver holographic unicorn with a glittery horn? Say no more.

Rainbow Hologram Mini Backpack, $19, Nordstrom Rack

This faux leather backpack is made in a holographic rose gold color and adorned with rainbows. It's great for the little dreamer on your list.

Queen Gwen Fur Pillow, $50, OMG! Accessories

For the little queen of the house, this furry unicorn pillow will surely be a treat!

Glitter Pouch Mini Faux Leather Backpack, $38, Nordstrom

This glittery carryall would help any kid stand out in the hallways at school!

Faux Fur Kitty Crossbody Bag, $24, Nordstrom

If your little fashionista wants to take a purse with her everywhere, this feline-inspired crossbody bag will bring a smile to her face.

Whimsical Unicorn Metallic Makeup Bag, $24, OMG! Accessories

This holographic makeup bag can double as a pencil case for the younger set. It's shiny, pink and practically perfect.

To shop the full collection, visit OMG! Accessories.

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