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Shoes! Dresses! Emmys! Oprah's Harpo Studios closet will give you wardrobe envy

/ Source: TODAY

YOU get a gorgeous pair of Oprah's designer shoes! And YOU get a fabulous dress! And YOU get an Emmy!

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Well, Oprah's not exactly giving her clothes away, but you do have a chance to buy them. (But just to be clear, the Emmys are not for sale).

Jake Rosenberg / The Coveteur and Jake Rosenberg

The media mogul and Weight Watchers spokeswoman took The Coveteur and O Magazine behind the scenes as she cleaned out her work closet in Harpo Studio in Chicago.

Jake Rosenberg / The Coveteur and Jake Rosenberg

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Oprah is closing the famed studio after 25 years, and she had plenty of shoes, clothes and jewelry to show off.

The Coveteur and Jake Rosenberg

Beginning on March 1, over 250 items from Oprah's closet will hit eBay.

The Coveteur and Jake Rosenberg

All proceeds from the auction will benefit The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

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The Coveteur and Jake Rosenberg

Any chance we can buy the actual closet? That walk-in is straight from our dreams!

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