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Sheinelle Jones reveals why she wore her dress backward on 3rd hour of TODAY

The co-host got creative with her outfit Thursday.
/ Source: TODAY

We all have days where we mistakenly put our shirt on inside out or accidentally step into two different pairs of shoes. But this morning, Sheinelle Jones intentionally put her dress on backwards.

The 3rd hour of TODAY co-host explained her unconventional fashion move during Thursday morning's show and her reasoning is totally relatable.

Al Roker playfully called Sheinelle out on air and said "Which one of us is wearing an outfit that's backwards?"

Craig Melvin got in on the fun and replied "Well, we know it's not one of us. I don't think it's Dylan. Do you want to tell America why you're wearing a backwards dress?"

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Sometimes, wearing an item a different way can be totally stylish.TODAY

Sheinelle went on to explain that she began her day by complimenting her co-hosts on their purple outfits. The whole TODAY team is wearing the color today in honor of Spirit Day, an LGBTQ awareness day.

"Then Craig said 'That's a nice dress' and you know, you feel obligated to tell the truth, I don't know why. And I said 'Oh, I wore it backwards because the back has a peephole and no one has time for that today," she said.

Craig seemed a bit uncertain about the term and said "I don't think it's called a peephole."

But then Dylan Dreyer cleared things up and said "No, it is."

Al was pretty curious at this point and encouraged Sheinelle to show the back of her stunning Nanette Lepore dress.

"Honestly, I never would have known," Dylan said. "But it is something about being a woman — if somebody ever compliments your outfit, you immediately say where you got it, how much it cost and what's wrong with it."

Craig and Al were pretty impressed, but couldn't really relate to the fashion mishap.

"We can't wear our jackets backwards," Al said. Craig agreed, adding, "We can't wear anything backwards."

Sheinelle isn't the first TODAY anchor to rock a backwards dress this year. In January, Savannah Guthrie accidentally put her dress on the wrong way and didn't realize until she was on-air with co-anchor Hoda Kotb.

Between the first and second hours of the show, Savannah ended up fixing the dress since it was a little too tight for comfort.

“I couldn’t take it anymore!” she said on air.