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Sheinelle Jones shares how she chose what to wear for her 1st day on TODAY

The TODAY co-host was a guest on Glamour magazine's new fashion podcast "What I Wore When."
/ Source: TODAY

Sheinelle Jones always looks fabulous on TV, so it's no surprise she puts a lot of thought into her wardrobe.

The 3rd hour of TODAY co-host was a guest on Glamour magazine's new podcast "What I Wore When," and during the chat, she opened up about how she chose what to wear for her first TODAY appearance.

Sheinelle Jones opened up to Glamour about how she chooses her wardrobe for "TODAY."Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Sheinelle, 41, wanted to be a news anchor ever since the fifth grade. So, when she landed her dream job at TODAY in October 2014, she called all her "fashionable girlfriends" to help her with her debut outfit.

"All my friends said, 'Wear color ... Something floral but not too crazy. Pretty colors. Fall colors,'" she explained. "So I wore this Cynthia Rowley kind of like a stretch dress ... It still had a kind of sheath cut but a little bit more fitting."

Jones rocked a Cynthia Rowley dress during her first appearance on TODAY on October 4, 2014.TODAY

"Back then, the TODAY show set was orange," she went on. "So it kind of matched the set. It was young and fun. It was perfect."

Over the years, Sheinelle has continued playing around with fresh looks, like when she embraced her natural hair on air last month.

All of TODAY's hosts, she explained, choose their own clothes for the show.

"People think we have designers calling us and dropping off 80 dresses, but it's like, no, no. We're at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's just like everybody else," she shared.

Some days, however, she wishes she had her own stylist.

"Please, if I had a stylist, I'd be probably have some cute little layered necklaces on because I love that look. I just don't know how to pull it off," she said.

Of course, not everyone thinks she knocks it out of the park. One viewer who takes issue with Sheinelle's wardrobe? Her own grandmother.

"It drives my grandmother — she's in Kansas, in Wichita — it drives her nuts when we wear sleeveless dresses," she said.

Sheinelle's kids — she shares son Kayin, 9, and twins Clara and Uche, 6, with husband Uche Ojeh —also weigh in on her fashion choices.

"My kids ... don't like me to dress up. They don't like me to wear makeup. I think they think that's TV Mom," she shared.

If her children had it their way, Sheinelle would wear casual clothes 24/7.

"They'd rather (have) a mom with the cap on at their game," she explained. "And jeans and my Adidas, which is like my go-to thing, and a hoodie."