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'She looks like Beyoncé!' Son approves of mom's makeover

by Kyle Michael Miller / / Source: TODAY

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Studio 1A was sizzling hot this morning when two women showed off their exquisite new looks, thanks to our talented Ambush Makeover team.

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Diane Minard, 46, visiting from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, keeps things simple in the beauty department. She typically pulls her hair into a ponytail, and has never dyed her tresses.

 Diane Minard TODAY

Today was her day for a change!

"She looks like Beyoncé," Diane's son Max said after she walked out. Her husband, Jeff, also loved the look, saying that he's ready to take her out.

 Diane Minard works as a part-time secretary, has never dyed her hair before, and could not wait for a brand new look during her first visit to New York City. TODAY

Toby Klameth, 38, from Lubbock, Texas, spends only nine minutes a day on her appearance. Today's three-hour glam session resulted in a shocked reaction from her friends and family.

 Toby Klameth TODAY

"That's not my mom!" her daughter shouted. "Wow!"

 Toby Klameth works as a teacher to middle school kids and says she usually spends a maximum of nine minutes on her appearance in the morning. TODAY

Both Diane and Toby looked radiant, just in time for a weekend in New York City!


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