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Sharon Stone posts beautiful makeup-free selfie on Instagram

At 57 years old, Sharon Stone continues to glow.
/ Source: TODAY

At 57 years old, Sharon Stone continues to glow.

In a recent Instagram, the actress shows off her natural beauty by sporting a makeup-free face.

"Doing my emails with Joe on this rainy day," Stone wrote in the post's caption, while posing with her adorable pup.

This isn't the first time she bared all in recent months. In August, she posed nude for a photo shoot with Harper's Bazaar.

She's made it clear that she does what she wants, whether she's in the spotlight or not.

"I haven't worked out in a couple of months because I just didn't feel like it," Stone told E! News in 2014. "But now I'm going on vacation and I know what they're going to do — [the tabloids] are going to put a circle around my a** and do one of those crazy magnified pictures saying, 'What happened to her a**? It's a bag of cheese.'"

After comparing her tush to "fine triple crème brie" in the interview, Stone admitted she wishes she could get a tattoo on her behind that says, "You wish you could get a bite of this."