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Serena Williams shares significance of braiding her daughter's hair

The tennis star shared an adorable photo of herself and her grinning daughter during a hairstyling session.
Serena Williams
/ Source: TODAY

Serena Williams posted a sweet photo with her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. (who goes by Olympia), to Instagram Thursday morning, revealing how she sees styling her daughter's hair as an important bonding experience.

"Because of the time (braiding) would take people would often take time to socialize," she wrote. "It began with the elders braiding their children, then the children would watch and learn from them. The tradition of bonding was carried on for generations, and quickly made its way across the world. I am honored to share this bonding experience with my own daughter and add another generation of historic traditions."

She also explained how the tradition of braiding hair had begun in Namibia centuries ago, and how African tribes often used braided hairstyles as a unique way of identification.

In the comments, Instagram users supported Williams and cheered on how she's passing traditions down to her daughter.

"Our #African traditions are so precious," wrote one user. "Passing this knowledge from generation to generation is the greatest form of love and respect for the continent that has given us so much."

"So beautiful," wrote another. "#Passingonthehistory."

Others were surprised that the 1-year-old looked so happy as her hair was braided.

"How do you get her to sit still and smile and not cry?" asked one user, who said she constantly struggled whenever she attempted to style her daughter's hair. Another referred to it as the "happiest black girl hair braiding session I've ever seen."

This isn't the first time the Ohanian-Williams family has been public about their daughter's hair care. In May, husband Alexis Ohanian made a splashwhen he applied to multiple natural hair groups on Facebook.

"I hope they don't auto-reject my application when they see my profile photo," he wrote on Twitter, following it with the cry laughing emoji. "I told them it was to keep getting better at doing my daughter's hair."

Between both parents and their efforts, it seems like Olympia's hair is in good hands!