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Self-tanner doesn't have to be scary! Your top 3 questions answered

TODAY Style Editor and all around Professional Girlfriend Bobbie Thomas answers YOUR questions about how to achieve a flawless faux glow thi
/ Source: TODAY

Bobbie Thomas, resident style editor and author of "The Power of Style," shares the buzz about beauty, fashion and more on TODAY and at And this week, she's answering YOUR questions about how to achieve a flawless faux glow this summer. Have a beauty dilemma or inquiry? Send her your questions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Question: Bobbie, what's your favorite self-tanner? Are there any good ones from the drugstore? The few I've tried have been too orange or streaky.

- Holly, Louisiana

My go-to tanner is actually from the drugstore. Jergens 3 Days to Glow ($9.99) is a great, non-intimidating option because it's a unique hybrid between self-tanner and moisturizer. Unlike daily formulas that gradually build or traditional full-strength tanners that can overwhelm, there's just a little of the active tanning agent to give a boost of color without being too potent. The color turns out not too strong, not too subtle — Goldilocks would approve!

Jergens 3 Days to Glow, $9.99

For those who want to be instantly bronze without the commitment, consider a wash-off option. L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Summer Express (available for face and body, $9.49) is new at drugstores, while NKD SKN's 1 Day Bronzing Tinted Lotion ($14.95) is currently generating buzz on beauty blogs. St. Tropez's One Night Only ($16) has been a cult favorite for many years running.

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Summer Expres, $9.49

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Question: I am terrible at applying self-tanner! I always get blotches ... and don't get me started on the areas I can't reach well! How do I get better?

- Audrey, Florida

You know those oh-so-satisfying white sponges that erase scuff marks on your walls? Bronze Buffers ($10) are a similar concept that can clean up tanning mistakes and remove excess product build-up on tricky, bumpy areas like the knees, hands, feet and ankles.

Bronze Buffers, $10

The Xen-Tan's Hard to Reach Applicators ($18) are a great solution for those hard-to-reach sections of your back. Sure, they won't actually extend your arms, but they're just as good! Each applicator comes with four pads designed to evenly deposit color.

Xen-Tan's Hard to Reach Applicators ($18)

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Question: Bobbie, is there a lotion you can put on your legs that will give them a slight shimmer? I have a wedding coming up and don't like to wear hose ... Please help!!

- Barbara, North Dakota

Ever think about a powder bronzer for your legs? You can find oversized pans at every price point (with or without shimmer, whatever your preference!). From drugstore finds like Milani ($9.99) to department store favorites like Laura Geller ($45), just swirl it on in circular motions ("wax on, wax off") with a large makeup puff to get a sun-kissed look.

Milani, $9.99

Want a little extra coverage for things like varicose veins, bruises and even cellulite? Try formulas like Dermablend's Quick Fix Body Stick ($29) and Body and Leg Cover ($31) in a shade slightly darker than your own to cover and mask imperfections. Pro tip: Consider finishing with a setting powder to help keep clothes, couches and things you'll touch clean.

Dermablend's Quick Fix Body Stick, $29

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