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See why this Victoria's Secret Photoshop fail has customers outraged

A recent Victoria's Secret Instagram post of model Martha Hunt has left fans feeling angry.
/ Source: TODAY

In this day and age, most of us realize that editorials and ad campaigns are edited and retouched. Fine, fine — blur out that distracting pimple or pump up that limp ponytail a bit.

But bad Photoshop — the kind that involves warping facial features or defying basic human anatomy? — there's just no excuse for that. Especially when the models are already held to an almost inhuman standard of perfection.

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In recent years, lingerie titan Victoria's Secret has become one of the worst offenders of heavy-handed editing. And even fans of the brand's colorful push-up bras and stylish loungewear are over it.

Behold, the brand's latest snafu. Commenters are crying foul over this recent Instagram post and the strange disappearance of Martha Hunt's right arm (note the white "halo" and the blurring effect around her armpit), as well as a phantom elbow that appears far too long to be accurate.

"Holy photoshop. So over this company for making their already fit and skinny girls WAY more small than necessary," wrote one Instagram commneter, who also added: "Shame on you."

"There is no reason why they couldn't sell that bra without retouching the size of their already small arms," wrote another.

This comes not a year after a model's seemingly disappearing butt cheek and chewed up right arm appeared in a Facebook image.

And who could forget 2014's "perfect body" campaign, meant to feature body diversity (but actually showing quite the opposite).

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TODAY reached out to Victoria's Secret for comment, but have yet to hear back by publish time. In the meantime, will somebody please give Martha Hunt her arm back?

Martha, if you need help, blink twice.