See why mirror nail polish is the internet's new beauty obsession

There's nothing better than a good multitasking beauty product. We've heard of using lipstick as blush and conditioner as shaving cream — but using your own fingernails as a mirror?

That's some next-level efficiency, right there.

I mean, who wants to lug around a compact 24/7? And checking your lipstick in your nails is a whole lot classier than using a cell phone camera or knife.

Mirror nail are ingenious.

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The two-step product, which includes a base coat and a mirror polish, is available through beauty retail site Born Pretty and retails for $9.99.

Similar looks have been achievable with press-on nails and salon treatments in the past, but to our knowledge, this is the first at-home product that does the job.

Wait, does that mean it can also save you a trip to the salon? Yet another way this dream product is all about efficiency.

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Here are some situations where mirror nails could be useful:

  • Checking your teeth for spinach after lunch
  • Looking to see if someone is following you down a deserted street
  • Temporarily blinding a friend so you can steal a bite of her dessert
  • Checking around corners in case a basilisk is loose (any "Harry Potter" fans in the house?)
  • Creating a disco-ball effect at your next spontaneous dance party

And, you know, it looks cool, too.

Would you try it out?