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Teens create stunning prom dress and tuxedo made entirely of Duck Tape

Nebraska teens Emily O'Gara and Ethan Weber spent four weeks and 20 rolls of Duck Tape creating on their unforgettable prom ensemble.
/ Source: TODAY

Caught on tape? Emily O’Gara and Ethan Weber of Lincoln, Nebraska, made their high school prom an extra memorable one by snagging the top prize for Duck Tape’s annual Duck brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest, in which students are challenged to create prom looks made entirely out of their brand of duct tape.

Emily O’Gara and Ethan Weber impressed the judges with their winning Duck Tape prom outfits.Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholar

The couple spent four weeks creating the unique prom dress and matching tuxedo, using 25 Exacto knives and 20 rolls of sticky duct tape to get the look just right. Their efforts paid off; each won a $10,000 scholarship for college. The duo had to beat out dozens of other entrants to claim their spot among 34 other finalists.

“What makes the final round of voting so exciting is that we leave it up to the public to choose their favorites,” Ashley Luke, category manager at ShurTech Brands, told the Journal Star. “Entrants are encouraged to promote their designs and rally a supportive fan base. From there, the votes just ‘roll’ in!”

Emily and Ethan spent 200 hours perfecting their detailed design.Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

Inspired by their prom theme, Enchanted Gardens, O’Gara’s stunning entry featured a black-and-white geometric pattern with an intricate floral design running along the bottom of her skirt. Weber’s tux featured a black-and-white geometric lapel to match O’Gara’s dress, a gold vest and a red bow tie. He even used the hexagon pattern on the tops of his shoes to complete the look!

Allison used 13 rolls of Duck Tape and spent 79 hours on her white and lilac prom dress.Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

Allison Poolman of Elgin, Oklahoma, who won the singles portion of the competition, earned an impressive $1,000 for her intricate purple strapless gown that featured snowflake patterns on the skirt.

The second-place winners in the couples category each took home $5,000 scholarships, and third-place winners received $3,000 each. The remaining runner-up couples all received $1,000 per person, resulting in an impressive $50,000 total distributed in scholarship money.

This is the 17th year that Duck Tape has hosted its creative competition and, we must say, it was a smashing success!