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See Katy Perry, Oprah and more dress as their icons in stunning shoot

Everyone from Mariah Carey to Oprah Winfrey dressed as their iconic inspirations for Harper's Bazaar's September issue.
/ Source: TODAY

For their coveted September issue, Harper's Bazaar created a true fashion fantasy! The magazine's latest edition features nine celebrities as they channel their favorite inspirations from the past.

This year's spread includes a range of celebrities who are all icons in their own right. Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Dakota Johnson, Jessica Chastain, Katy Perry, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Willow Smith and Lucky Blue Smith, the first male to ever be included in the annual tradition.

So, who did they choose? Some may surprise you.

Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor

For Perry, her choice of the famed British was about more than just looks.

Andy Warhol Artwork / The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

“An icon transcends time. Liz was so fabulous and decadent and had a style that evolved with the years ... and I’m sure I’ll be married just as many times!” Perry told Harper's Bazaar about her selection.

Oprah as Glinda the Good Witch

Oprah went a more fantastical route and chose Glinda the Good Witch from "The Wizard of Oz."

Jean-Paul Goude / Harper's Bazaar

"'The Wizard of Oz' is one of my favorite spiritual tales, and Glinda is a spiritual goddess. I love when she says to Dorothy, ‘You’ve always had the power.’ That is the message for all of us: You’re born with it, you always have it. It doesn’t matter how many yellow brick roads you go down, it’s always right there in your heart," Oprah said to the magazine.

Mariah Carey as Marie Antoinette

For Mariah Carey, it was all about daring to be different than herself.

Jean-Paul Goude / Harper's Bazaar

“I’m pretty much the opposite of Marie Antoinette, but it’s always fun to throw on a costume," Carey explained to the magazine.

Dakota Johnson as Aphrodite

While Dakota Johnson got in touch with her mythical side.

Jean-Paul Goude / Harper's Bazaar

“In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the primary image of feminine divine love. To me, she embodies the power of love and pleasure, and represents the mystery and intricacy of women," Johnson told Harper's Bazaar.

Renowned French photographer Jean-Paul Goude (you may remember him from Kim Kardashian's "Break the Internet" moment) shot the entire spread and Harper's Bazaar global fashion leader Carine Roitfield helped transform these living legends into their inspirations.

Want to see the rest? Check out Harper's Bazaar's shoot and the magazine's September issue on August 18.