See Kathie Lee, Hoda's Halloween antics with guest star Regis!

Kathie Lee and Hoda didn't disappoint during TODAY's Halloween celebration this year, going as Snoopy and Woodstock, and it got even better when Regis showed up as the Red Baron!

Anthony Quintano / TODAY
Hoda Kathie Lee Halloween Show.

The one downside of being Snoopy and Woodstock is that neither character can talk.


The ladies worked around it by banging out the "Friday Funny" joke on Snoopy's typewriter and dancing to some Meghan Trainor as part of the "iSnoopy" segment.

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Anthony Quintano / TODAY
Hoda Kathie Lee Halloween Show.

Dressed as Snoopy's nemesis, the Red Baron, Regis then crash-landed his World War I plane and joined them.

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Before Regis and Kathie Lee became their "Peanuts" characters, they had a flashback to the 1990s earlier in the day.

Being in costume also didn't stop Kathie Lee and Hoda from their customary Friday drinks. Kathie Lee sipped hers through a straw from a birdbath, Woodstock-style, while Hoda used her straw to drink from Snoopy's dog bowl.

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The ladies eventually broke character and started talking, while Hoda struggled to breathe through her Snoopy mask before yanking it down.

"And you wonder why we drink,'' Kathie Lee joked.

They wrapped up the hour with a little Halloween dance party.


"Was this fun?" Hoda asked.

"Not really,'' Kathie Lee joked.

"I really appreciate it, thank you so much,'' Regis deadpanned.

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