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See how this women masterfully covered her sunburn with makeup

Tammi Turner used Too Faced's Born This Way foundation to cover up her sunburn, and the result went viral.
/ Source: TODAY

You've probably never seen a makeup transformation like this.

One woman's before-and-after photo showing how she used foundation to cover up a bad sunburn has gone viral.

Tammi Turner of Mansfield, Ohio, used Too Faced's Born This Way foundation to cover up the redness, and shared the impressive result on Makeup Addiction, a popular Reddit thread.

Tammi Turner's makeup transformation photo, showing how she covered up her sunburn with foundation, went viral. Courtesy of Tammi Turner

"I was shocked the photo gained as much attention as it did," Turner, 17, told TODAY. "I just thought people would think it was neat how much coverage you can get."

Her photo was viewed more than 20,000 times and shared by multiple news outlets. The transformation is indeed pretty incredible: Turner's redness is gone except for blushed cheeks, her eyebrows are perfectly shaped and her skin looks clear and dewy — not fried.

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But the photo is also raising questions about whether or not it's safe to apply makeup over a severe sunburn.

Don't panic — it's probably OK, one expert told TODAY.

"I don't think there is any harm in using makeup to conceal the sunburned skin," said Dr. Elizabeth Hale, a board-certified dermatologist with the American Academy of Dermatology. "It is imperative to avoid further sun damage from occurring, and it looks like this woman did a good job of applying even coverage that would prevent further UV damage to the skin while it heals.

"If makeup is to be applied, I would recommend applying a good moisturizer underneath the makeup to help replace lost hydration."

Turner made it clear she's not proud of the burn, and said she only put makeup on because she had an event to attend the next day. Otherwise, she would have remained bare-faced while her skin healed.

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"Generally, it's not a good idea to put makeup over injured skin, and sunburned skin is injured skin that needs to heal," she said. "But I coated it in aloe vera beforehand, and as soon as the event was over, I took it all off."

She'd gotten sunburned the day before at a soap box derby race in Columbus, Ohio.

"Honestly, I just completely forgot about sunscreen, and it was freezing the whole morning," she said. "You do wear a helmet, so I assumed that would give me a bit of sun coverage. And then I just got into the heat of racing, you're not allowed to stop, you have to keep going ... I was so busy, sunscreen just completely slipped my mind."

We're sure she'll remember next time!