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RIP button-down shirts: See how designers have ruined them for everyone

From high-end to fast fashion, it seems that every store is selling their own "deconstructed" blouse and we are baffled by the trend.
/ Source: TODAY

We're always on the lookout for the latest trends and styles, and that quest has lead us to some weird places (i.e. clear knee jeans or "sock sandals"). We've been through a lot lately, but we never thought shirts would betray us. Not tops, too!

Racked recently published a piece about all the bizarre blouses that have hit the market this spring and we were truly moved by just how insane a simple shirt can become when left in the wrong hands.

From high-end designer pieces to fast-fashion finds, it seems that every clothing store is selling their own version of a "deconstructed" blouse — and we are absolutely baffled by the trend.

The TODAY staff weighed in on some of the wackiest ones out there. And it turns out that not everyone was vehemently opposed to the look, while some definitely were.

Striped Swing-back Blouse, $855, Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman

Video producer Sam Okazaki zeroed right in on this slouchy blouse saying, "This looks like 'Bananas in Pyjamas.'" After looking back at the iconic children's show we have to say ... she isn't wrong.

Who knew Bananas in Pyjamas were such fashion icons! Alamy Stock

One Shoulder Top, $98, Shopbop


Editor Brittany Loggins chose another TV reference to explain the confusion she felt about this white one-shoulder top. "This looks like the work of a 'Project Runway' designer who gets booted off." We can totally imagine Heidi Klum saying "auf wiedersehen" to this one.

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Corset with Knot Detail, $58, ASOS


Digital booker Nicole Mastrangelo had some uncomfortable flashbacks after seeing this particular top. "This took me instantly back to high school and the early millennium ... and the unfortunate trends I sported." She's not alone! It seems like we all prefer to leave those looks in the past.

Ruffled Poplin-Paneled Open-Knit Cotton Top, $325, Net-A-Porter


"It's just a disaster," social media editor Brooke Sassman said bluntly. Enough said.

We apologize, this video has expired.

Open-Shoulder Pinstripe Top, $23, Forever 21

Forever 21

This top surprisingly got a lot of love! Digital booker Kelsea Purpura admitted she was a fan, "Not gonna lie, I actually like this one."

Editor Jordan Muto was also into it. "Striped button-down shirts can feel very conservative and really something you would wear only to the office," she said. "The open back and cold shoulder give this traditional style a modern and fashionable twist that I would wear with either ripped white jeans or denim shorts."

Asymmetric Striped Top, $1290, Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Executive editor Ashley Parrish had one simple question after seeing this top: "Where are her hands?"

Sassman was also feeling some sticker shock after spying the price tag. "I feel most offended by the asymmetric top that's listed at a mere $1290," she exclaimed. "I would never spend almost $1300 to look like I got dressed in the dark."

Studio Asymmetric Shirt with Ribbon, $100, Zara


Loggins was puzzled by this open-back top saying, "Like, how would you tie it exactly?" This is the kind of shirt you'd probably have to phone-a-friend for help before getting dressed. And at that point, is it even worth it?

Open-Shoulder Pinstripe Shirt, $36, Forever 21

Forever 21

Okazaki was not feeling this structured button down with detached sleeves that are held together by little ties at the shoulder. "This one makes me uncomfortable," she said. We don't blame her!

The majority of the office was appalled by the collection of strange shirts in general.

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Parents editor Rebecca Dube recognized these trends. "These look like what happens when my 3-year-old insists on dressing himself and does the buttons all crooked. 'No Mommy, I do it my WELF!'" she said mimicking her (super adorable) toddler. "It's cute on a 3-year-old ... if I came to work dressed like this, I think my dear colleagues would start planning an intervention."

Editor Shane Lou shared similar sentiments saying, "This looks like the end result of what would happen if a child sneaked into a closet with a pair of scissors."

Food editor Emi Boscamp also weighed in. "I thought cold shoulders were bad," she said. "These are freezing shoulders/chest/back/belly." Luckily, she offered up some alternatives saying, "You might as well not wear a shirt. No, wait, that would be way more acceptable."

Perhaps we're just not privy to the best way to wear these deconstructed styles. Some staffers were actually pretty open to the trend.

"I actually like most of these shirts," Muto said. "While I'm not 100 percent confident I could pull them off, I think they could look fabulous with some ripped skinny jeans and either slip-on mules, sneakers, lace-up flats or even a pair of stilettos for a night out."

To each their own!